Skill Development for Career Success

Why should a company hire you? How can you earn a raise? Specific, in-demand job skills are the answer!

The skills you bring to the marketplace are a key factor in the value you produce, and consequently in the compensation that you can earn. So whether you are trying to land your first job out of school or to take over the C-suite at a major company, improving the breadth and depth of your skillset should be a key focus.

We suggest considering your interests and hobbies – things you already know a bit about or have some level of competency with – and using those as a starting point. Then take an online course, practice the skill on your own, take and pass a certification program or skill assessment, and finally market that skill on your resume and in your job search. 

What career skills do you already have?  What job skills could you put on your resume?  What are you already familiar with that could be turned into a valuable, marketable job skill with a little extra practice, or perhaps by increasing your knowledge and competency via an online course or certification program?

To learn more about specific career skills and how they translate to different roles in the workplace, please see the list to the right side of this page.