Best Careers for Type 6 EnneagramType 6 Careers

Individuals who test at the “type 6” on the Enneagram are referred to as “the loyalist”, and often prioritize stability, responsibility and commitment in their careers.

This article will explore a Enneagram type 6’s strengths (and weaknesses) in the workplace. It will then look at, based on these strengths, the best Enneagram type 6 careers and job matches. Enjoy!

Overview of Enneagram Type 6 (“The Loyalist”)

Type 6, or otherwise known as the ‘loyalist’ is the sixth personality type of the Enneagram theory. Typically, type sixes are committed, reliable, hard-working and trustworthy. They value security and support above all else.

They are often referred to as ‘”loyalists” (or sometimes ‘skeptics’) because they foster cooperation, reassurance and support. However, if they fear a loss of support or guidance, type 6’s may become anxious, defensive, self-doubting and rebellious.

Career Considerations

Many of a type 6’s strengths lie in their loyalty and their desire for cooperation. At work, they bring key skills and qualities such as:

  • Responsibility. Type 6’s tend to be sensible and make practical choices.
  • Commitment. As type 6’s seek cooperation, guidance and support, they are very good at honoring their commitments to people and plans.
  • Caring. Type 6’s care deeply about others and will protect them.
  • Understanding. Type 6’s have the ability to see things from other people perspectives.
  • Type 6’s also have the ability to consider both logic and emotion.

Best Careers for Enneagram Type 6’s

Enneagram Type six’s seek support, security and stability. Therefore, they are likely to thrive in careers that offer many progression opportunities. Such careers include a paralegal, dentist or veterinarian. Additionally, not only are type 6’s motivated by receiving security, they are also motivated by offering it. Based on this, they are likely to thrive in careers such as a security guard or police officer.

Type 6’s are motivated by consistent and trustworthy relationships and will feel energized at work when they feel connected, supported and appreciated. Similarly, they will thrive in careers where they can offer help and assistant to others. Based on all of this, Enneagram type 6’s are also likely to excel as teachers, healthcare aides, nurses, assistants or nannies – all of these careers involve supportive environments where they can help other people.

Worst Careers for Enneagram Type 6’s

Type 6’s can have difficulty control anxious thoughts and can, on occasion, expect the worst. Based on this, they should avoid inconsistent, unstable and unreliable environments. They are also likely to struggle in careers where their direct reports are lazy and unreliable.

As Enneagram type six’s favor loyalty and cohesion, they are unlikely to thrive in competitive and cut throat careers, such as recruitment or sales. Similarly, type 6’s tend to thrive of being able to collaborate with their teammates. Based on this, they should avoid careers, such as those in IT or technology, that promote solo work.

Finally, type 6’s like to see the direct impact of their work. Therefore, they are unlikely to thrive in careers (e.g., bankers or accountants) where their work has little personal meaning attached to it.

Impact of Wings on Career & Work Life

Like all Enneagram types, the type 6 has two distinct “wings”, meaning most individuals within this type borrow or lean towards one of the adjacent types on the Enneagram diagram.

Type 6 with a 5 wing (6w5)

People with an Enneagram type six wing five (6w5) personality tend to identify more with the type six, but also share several traits with type five’s. These type sixes tend to intellectual and hard-working. Often, they are more serious, loyal and focused than other sixes.

Type 6 with a 7 wing (6w7)

Similarly, people with an Enneagram type six wing seven (6w7) personality tend to identify more with the type six, but also share several traits with type sevens. These type sixes tend to be hard-working and very engaging; meaning that they are often more sociable than other type sixes.

Best Type 6 Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Administrative Support Business
Childcare Human Services
Daycare Worker Human Services
Dental Assistant Healthcare
Dentist Healthcare
Elementary School Teacher Education
Geologist Science & Tech
Healthcare Administrator Healthcare
High School Teacher Education
Home Healthcare Aide Healthcare
Interior Designer Arts & Humanities
Kindergarten Teacher Education
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Healthcare
Middle School Teacher Education
Nanny Human Services
Nurse Midwife Healthcare
Nurse Practitioner Healthcare
Nursing Assistant (CNA) Healthcare
Paralegal Legal
Police Officer Public Services
Preschool Teacher Education
Registered Nurse (RN) Healthcare
School Nurse Healthcare
Security Guard Public Services
Special Education Teacher Education
Veterinarian Science & Tech
Veterinary Technician Science & Tech