Best Careers for Type 3 EnneagramType 3 Careers

This article will explore different career options for the Enneagram “Type 3” personality type. Type 3’s are typically very driven and often attain great deals of success in their careers – hence their nickname “the acheiver”.

If you’ve tested on the Enneagram evaluation as a Type 3, then this article will help you learn more about the best Enneagram type 1 careers and job matches.  We’ll also review some careers that aren’t an ideal match – that you may either want to avoid or at least go into with eyes wide open.

Overview of Enneagram Type 3 (“The Achiever”)

Enneagram type 3, or otherwise known as the ‘achiever’ is the third personality type of the Enneagram theory. Typically, type 3’s are self-assured, charming, ambitious, competent and energetic.

They are referred to as “achievers” (or sometimes as ‘perfectionists’) because they are highly driven for advancement and are concerned with what others think of them. Type 3’s have a huge fear of failure and, due to this, type threes can sometimes be overly competitive.

Career Considerations

Many of an enneagram type 3’s strengths lie in their hard working personality and their desire to set big goals and succeed at completing them. At work, they bring key skills and qualities such as:

  • Adaptability. Type 3’s thrive off encountering diverse groups of people in different settings.
  • Goal-setting. Because type 3’s seek to be admired for being successful, they are good at setting goals and working towards them.
  • Motivating. Type 3’s are able to encourage and motivate those around them to meet goals.
  • Charismatic personality. Type 3’s are generally highly energized, confident and engaging in the workplace.
  • Practical. As type 3’s are able to work efficiently towards workplace goals.

Best Careers for Enneagram Type 3’s

Enneagram Type 3’a are energetic and make decisions fast. Due to this, they are likely to suit fast-paced careers that keep them busy and on their toes. These careers should also give them authority and autonomy. Such careers include executives, marketing mangers, sales managers or computer programmers.

Type 3’s tend to be motivated by accomplishing what they set out to do and therefore should look for careers where they can regularly set and work towards targets. Careers such as real estate agents, bankers or entrepreneurs are likely to suit type 3’s.

Type 3’s feel energized by meeting new people. Particularly, type 3’s strive to feel accepted by others and to have people admire their accomplishments. They are also typically energized by public speaking. Based on this, type 3’s are likely to thrive in sociable careers, or ones where they get to meet new people. Such careers include as a producer, actor, journalist or lawyer.

Worst Careers for Enneagram Type 3’s

In general, type 3’s should avoid careers that require sensitivity. To other type’s, type 3’s can appear insensitive or overly competitive. When not in the right environment, they can overwork themselves and may become impatient, overly critical, non-adaptable and resentful.

Type 3’s are unlikely to thrive in slower, less sociable and non-competitive careers, such as accountancy or childcare workers. Type 3’s will be drained by repetitive failure or being perceived negatively and they should avoid careers where they are ignored or overly criticized.

Importantly, type 3’s will not thrive in careers where they have little authority, where they  are not given credit for their work and where they cannot make their own decisions. Based on this, they may want to avoid freelance work, where they will have little authority or autonomy, and admin work as they will not be able to set their own goals or have people to follow their instructions.

Impact of Wings on Career & Work Life

Like all Enneagram types, the type 3 has two distinct “wings”, meaning most individuals within this type borrow or lean towards one of the adjacent types on the Enneagram diagram.

Type 3 with a 2 wing (3w2)

People with a Enneagram with a type three wing two (3w2) personality tend to identify more with the type three, but also share several traits with type two’s. These type three’s tend to be ambitious, charming and enthusiastic. Often, they are excellent at communicating as they have the ability to adapt their attitude to their environment.

Type 3 with a 4 wing (3w4)

Similarly, people with Enneagram type three wing four (3w4) personality tend to identify more with the type three, but also share several traits with type four’s. These type threes tend to be ambitious, but focused and serious. They are more introverted than other type three’s and are very task-focused.

Best Type 3 Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Actor/Actress Media & Film
Banker Finance
Computer Networking (Network architects) Computers & IT
Computer Programmer Computers & IT
Executive Business
Financial Analyst Finance
Investment Banker Finance
IT Manager Computers & IT
Journalist Media & Film
Lawyer Legal
Management Consultant Business
Marketing Manager Marketing & Sales
Operations Manager Business
Producer Media & Film
Purchasing Manager Business
Real Estate Agent (Realtor) Marketing & Sales
Sales Manager Marketing & Sales