SC Careers

In this article, we will outline the best and worse possible career options for the SC, or “The Technician” personality type.

Which careers are the best fit for this stable and accurate type? And, which careers should SCs approach with caution? If you, or someone you know, has tested as “SC” then we hope you find the information below useful. Enjoy!

Overview of the SC (Technician)

The SC, or otherwise known as “The Technician” is a combination of the Steadiness and Conscientiousness personality types from the DiSC personality model. Because of their steady and conscientious type combination, the Technician tends to place great focus on stability, support and accuracy.

SC-style individuals are typically stable, consistent and predictable. They seek calm and steady environments and tend to be incredibly obliging, systematic and thoughtful. They often keep themselves to themselves and are more than happy to just get on with their work. One of the SCs biggest fear is chaos and uncertainty. In order to avoid facing uncertain or chaotic situations , the SC can be overly self-controlled and inflexible.

Career Considerations

An SC has many strengths, such as their reliability, even-temperament and predictability. At work, they bring key skills such as:

  • Supportiveness. SC’s are excellent at making others feel at ease and giving them support and guidance.
  • Consistency. Due to their stable and reliable nature, the SC is predictable and consistent.
  • Collaborative. SCs greatly fear chaos and, as a result, tend to do anything to keep the peace and harmony.
  • Planning.  The SC is excellent at making plans on how to get things done.
  • SCs are also good at giving specific details and explaining things to others.

Best Careers for the SC

The SC is best at following set rules, procedures and routines. They are likely to thrive in careers where expectations are clearly communicated and goals are clearly marked. Careers in research, as a paralegal or an accountant, for example, are all rather predictable and stable.

Just because they are nicknamed “The Technician”, this does not mean that they are necessarily good with technology. Rather, it means that they are incredibly logical and understand the ins and outs of a business. Often, the SC is happy to just get on with their work, in their own logical way, without interacting too much with their colleagues. They are likely to thrive in more solitary careers, such as writing, copywriting or software QA.

The SC is likely to prefer to keep out of the spotlight. Yet, when they are leaders they tend to be fair-minded and maintain composure. They tend thrive in stable leadership positions where they are responsible for others, for example, the SC may thrive as a  pharmacist.

Worst Careers for the SC

The SC is notoriously cautious and steady. They are unlikely to want to make any hasty decisions or have to work on too many projects at once. As a result, the SC is highly unlikely to thrive in chaotic and uncertain careers, such as a stockbroker, surgeon or firefighter.

The SC also prefers to work alone, and therefore may want to approach overly sociable careers with caution.

Best SC (Technician) Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Account Manager Marketing & Sales
Accountant Finance
Actuary Finance
Bookkeeper Finance
Chemist Science & Tech
Controller Finance
Copywriter Marketing & Sales
Insurance Underwriter Finance
Law Clerk Legal
Librarian Education
Medical Technician Healthcare
Microbiologist Science & Tech
Paralegal Legal
Pharmacist Healthcare
Research Technician Science & Tech
Software QA Computers & IT
Writer Arts & Humanities