S Careers

The S personality style, or otherwise known as “The Peacekeeper”, strives for harmony and calmness. In this article, we will take a closer look at the S personality type. We will explore their strengths and, based on these, what careers they may excel in. We will also consider what careers they may want to approach with caution.

If you’ve tested as an ‘S’ type on the DISC personality test, then we hope this information is useful and that it helps you in your career search!

Overview of the S (The Peacekeeper)

The S, or sometimes called “The Peacekeeper” represents the steady personality type introduced in the DiSC model. The S-style individuals have a sincere nature and are typically dependable, harmonious and respectful.

S-style individuals are typically optimistic, accommodating and gentle to others. They are passive, rarely angered and tend to strive for harmony. Their greatest fear is letting people down or rapid change. As a result of this fear, the Peacekeeper can lack self-confidence and fail to stick up for themselves.

Career Considerations

The Peacekeepers strengths lay in their consistent and harmonious nature. However, at work they bring other strengths such as:

  • Patience. The S’s desire for cooperation means they treat everyone with patience and understanding.
  • Attentiveness. The S is deeply concerned about others and is attentive to their wants and needs.
  • Listening Skills. Due to their focus on others, S-style individuals are excellent listeners.
  • Supportiveness. S types live up to their nickname, “The Peacekeeper” and are often found mediating conflict and supporting those around them.
  • Cooperative. The S thrives of harmony. As a result, they are often cooperative and considerate.

Best Careers for the S

The S personalities strives for harmony. As a result, they are likely to be best suited to work environments where they feel support, respected and protected. The S also likes to make others feel at eases and cared for. As a result, they are likely to thrive as nurses, physicians, teachers or counselors.

The S is also a great listener. More often than not, they live up to their reputation the nickname, the Peacekeeper, and are able to resolve conflicts and hear both sides of a story. Based on this, they may also thrive in customer service roles.

Worst Careers for the S

The S personality type are incredibly unlikely to thrive in careers that do not promote harmonious environments. Careers in sales, banking or stockbroking, for example, may be too overly competitive and cut throat for the gentle Peacekeeper.

Similarly, careers that do not involve working with or helping others are likely to leave the S feeling deflated, frustrated and underwhelmed. Based on this, S style individuals may want to avoid careers in finance or computing.

Best S (Peacekeeper) Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Anesthesiologist Healthcare
Counselor Healthcare
Customer Service Business
Dental Hygienist Healthcare
Elementary School Teacher Education
Event Planner Marketing & Sales
Filmmaker Media & Film
High School Teacher Education
Human Resources Business
Kindergarten Teacher Education
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Healthcare
Middle School Teacher Education
Nurse Midwife Healthcare
Nurse Practitioner Healthcare
Physician (General) Healthcare
Physician (Specialist) Healthcare
Podiatrist Healthcare
Preschool Teacher Education
Psychiatrist Healthcare
Registered Nurse (RN) Healthcare
School Nurse Healthcare
Special Education Teacher Education
Speech Therapist Healthcare
Therapist Healthcare