Careers for Realistic Types

Realistic types, or “The Doers”, are assertive and competitive. They are practical problem solvers and like to work with their hands. They have many strengths in the workplace and will thrive exceptionally well in certain career paths.

In this article, we will explore these strengths and career paths. If you, or anyone you know, has tested as a Realistic type, then we hope you find the below information useful!

Overview of the Realistic Type

The Realistic personality type, or “The Doers”, is one of the six personality types included in the Holland Code model of personality. Typically, Realistic types are practical and independent. They tend to adopt a concrete approach to problem solving and can often appear assertive and competitive. Realistic types tend to be interested in activities that require motor coordination and demonstrate their skill and strength.

They get their nickname “The Doers” because they like to solve problems by doing something, opposed to talking or thinking about it.

Career Considerations

Many of the realistic types strengths revolve around their hands-on approach to problem solving. At work, they truly stand out because they have skills such as:

  • Remaining calm under pressure. As their name suggests, Realistic types are very realistic. Therefore, in emergencies they have to ability to look at it realistically and find practical solutions.
  • Independent. Realistic types are concerned with the physical world and are happy to work independently to explore this.
  • Practical. Realistic types like working with their hands, with machinery or with tools.
  • Goal-oriented. Realistic types are assertive and competitive. They like to work towards goals and accomplish things.

Best Careers for Realistic Types

In general, realistic types like to solve problems in the realistic world. They are practical and are therefore likely to be suited to careers that use tools, machinery or mechanical equipment. As a result, it is common to see realistic types in engineering or construction careers.

It is important to note that although you may relate most to the Realistic personality type, your ‘ideal’ career may be influenced by your secondary (and then tertiary) type.

  • Realistic types with a secondary type of ‘Artistic’ are likely to be found in careers where they can add a bit of creativity to their problem solving. Such careers include architecture, surveying or graphic design.
  • Realistic types with a secondary type of ‘Social’ are likely to want to do practical tasks that help others. As a result, they are likely to thrive as dentists, hairdressers or veterinarians.
  • Realistic types with a secondary type of ‘Conventional’ like to work in organized, independent and structured environments. As a result, these types often thrive as web developers, welders or truck drivers.
  • Realistic types with a secondary type of ‘Enterprising’ want to be influential in their practical actions. As a result, these types may be found in careers as security guards, police officers or personal drivers.
  • Realistic types with a secondary type of ‘Investigative’ have the particular desire to solve problems based on research. They are likely to thrive as physicians, chemists or microbiologists.

Worst Careers for Realistic Types

Realistic types like to solve hands on and practical problems. As a result, they are unlikely to thrive in careers that aren’t practical, logical or hands on. They may also find overly sociable or emotionally charged careers, such as counselling or teaching, too overwhelming and frustrating.

Best Realistic Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Acupuncturist Healthcare
Anesthesiologist Healthcare
App Developer Computers & IT
Architect Construction
Athletic Trainer Healthcare
Audio Technician Media & Film
Auto Body Technician Vocational (Trades)
Brickmason Vocational (Trades)
Bus Driver Transportation & Logistics
Carpenter Construction
Chef Hospitality & Tourism
Chemical Engineer Engineering
Chemist Science & Tech
Chiropractor Healthcare
Civil Engineer Engineering
Computer Networking (Network architects) Computers & IT
Construction Manager Construction
Construction Worker Construction
Correctional Officer Public Services
Dental Assistant Healthcare
Dental Hygienist Healthcare
Dentist Healthcare
Dietetic Technician Healthcare
Electrical Engineer Engineering
Electrician Vocational (Trades)
Environmental Engineer Engineering
Exercise Physiologist Healthcare
Express Delivery Driver Transportation & Logistics
Fashion Designer Arts & Humanities
Flooring Installer Vocational (Trades)
Food Technician Science & Tech
General Contractor Construction
Geologist Science & Tech
Graphic Designer Marketing & Sales
Hairdresser Human Services
Home Healthcare Aide Healthcare
HVACR Technician Vocational (Trades)
Industrial Engineer Engineering
Internist Healthcare
IT Support Computers & IT
Landscape Architect Construction
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Healthcare
Machinist Vocational (Trades)
Mail Carrier Transportation & Logistics
Massage Therapist Healthcare
Mechanical Engineer Engineering
Medical Assistant Healthcare
Medical Technician Healthcare
Medical Transcriptionist Healthcare
Microbiologist Science & Tech
Model Media & Film
Nuclear Engineer Engineering
Nurse Practitioner Healthcare
Nursing Assistant (CNA) Healthcare
Ophthalmic Technician Healthcare
Ophthalmologist Healthcare
Optician Healthcare
Optometrist Healthcare
Orthodontist Healthcare
Paramedic Public Services
Pastry Chef (baker) Hospitality & Tourism
Pathologist Science & Tech
Personal Driver (Uber, Lyft) Transportation & Logistics
Personal Trainer Healthcare
Petroleum Engineer Engineering
Pharmacy Technician Healthcare
Photographer Arts & Humanities
Physical Therapist Healthcare
Physical Therapist Assistant Healthcare
Physician (General) Healthcare
Physician Assistant Healthcare
Pilot Transportation & Logistics
Pipefitter Vocational (Trades)
Plumber Vocational (Trades)
Podiatrist Healthcare
Police Officer Public Services
Respiratory Therapist Healthcare
Roofer Vocational (Trades)
Security Guard Public Services
Server (Waiter/Waitress) Hospitality & Tourism
Software Developer Computers & IT
Software QA Computers & IT
Steamfitter Vocational (Trades)
Surveyor Construction
Systems Analyst Computers & IT
Truck Driver (CDL) Transportation & Logistics
Ultrasound Technician Healthcare
Veterinarian Science & Tech
Veterinary Technician Science & Tech
Web Developer Computers & IT
Welder Vocational (Trades)