Openness (openness to experience) is one of the Big Five personality traits and it indicates how open-minded a person is.

A person who scores high on the openness scale tends to be imaginative, curious and open-minded. They tend to enjoy trying new things and seek new experiences. On the opposite end of the scale, individuals who score low on openness are pragmatic, data-driven and do not seek new experiences.

Openness is measured on the facets of: imagination, artistic interest, emotionality, adventurousness, intellect and liberalism.

Openness Careers

Those who score high on openness to experience tend to make great entrepreneurs because of their ability to make risky decisions, adapt to a variety of situations and use their initiative and imagination. They are also likely to strive in creative careers, for example artists, designers or in advertising.

Those who are open to experience may struggle in careers that require them to be more conventional and do not allow them to explore. This includes careers in finance or data analysis.

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