Neuroticism is one of the Big Five personality traits and it indicates how emotionally stable an individual is.

A person who scores high on the neuroticism scale tends to be sensitive, nervous and has a tendency to experience negative emotions, perceive situations as threatening and to be vulnerable to stress. At the other end of the scale, emotionally stable individuals are less easily upset and tend to be calm, secure and confident.

Neuroticism (or emotional stability) is measured on the facets of: anxiety, anger, depression, self-consciousness, immoderation and vulnerability.

Emotionally stable careers

Those who are highly emotionally stable are calm and contained. Due to this, they tend to thrive in jobs in the public sector, which includes jobs such as a paramedic, armed forces or education.

The calmness and steadiness of an emotionally stable individuals tend to mean that they can transition through lots of different situations with great ease so are often suited to most careers.

Career matches for Neuroticism's:

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