IS Careers

The IS, or “The Buddy”, personality type is part of the DISC personality model. People with this personality style tend to focus on collaboration, enthusiasm and support.

This article will explore many different aspects of the IS-style. Which careers are the best fit? Which careers should they perhaps approach with a little more caution? If you’ve tested as an IS, then we hope you find the information below useful.

Overview of the IS (The Buddy)

The IS, or otherwise known as “The Buddy”, is a combination of Influence and Steadiness types that are introduced in the DISC personality model. The combination of these two types produces an individual who is empathetic, supportive and positive.

In general IS-style individuals tend to place a high value on peace and harmony. They are excellent team player and great problem solvers – especially if those problems are social. They typically have a warm, friendly, sentimental and accepting nature. However, they seek friendship and have a great fear being disliked or pressuring others. Due to this, they can sometimes be overly agreeable, use indirect approaches and be profusely adverse to any sort of conflict.

Career Considerations

The IS has many strengths, such as their sentimental view of things and encouraging nature. At work, they bring key skills such as:

  • Optimism. The IS is keen to see the best in the capabilities of others and the best in situations.
  • Relationship Building. The IS places a high priority on personal interactions and building trusting relations.
  • Motivation. The IS thrives on efficient and collaborative teams and are therefore very good at motivating others to take action.
  • Positivity. The IS is able to bring positive energy and warmth to a team.
  • Communication Skills. The IS is a strong communicator and communicates with others in a friendly and casual manner.

Best Careers for the IS

The IS type has a strong desire to help other people achieve great things and be the best possible version of themselves. They love to teach and advise other people and working with lots of different people provides them with a great sense of adventure. Based on this, they are likely to thrive as college professors, therapists, counselors or life coaches.

The IS loves collaboration and working in a friendly and harmonious environment. In most circumstances, the IS is likely to find careers that involve too much solo work draining and frustrating. As a result, they may like working is public relations, as a management consultant, customer service representative and financial advisor.

Worst Careers for the IS

The IS has no particular interest in routine. They like a sense of adventure and, as a result, are likely to find careers with mundane tasks dull. Careers such as an accountant, financial analyst, credit controller or insurance investigator may bore IS-style individuals.

The IS thrives of collaboration. They want to be liked and trusted. Therefore, they are unlikely to get on well in careers where they have to set guidelines or rules for others. Careers where the IS has to spend too much time debating the route cause of an issue may frustrate them. Similarly, if they have to navigate large and complexed issues, such as those found in engineering or architecture work.

Best IS (Buddy) Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Acupuncturist Healthcare
Bus Driver Transportation & Logistics
Child Psychologist Healthcare
Clinical Psychologist Healthcare
College Professor Education
Counselor Healthcare
Customer Service Business
Financial Advisor Finance
Hairdresser Human Services
Home Healthcare Aide Healthcare
Management Consultant Business
Massage Therapist Healthcare
Psychologist Healthcare
Public Relations Specialist Business
School Psychologist Healthcare
Therapist Healthcare