iS (Buddy)

The Buddy (iS) personality type is part of the DiSC personality model. They focus on collaboration, enthusiasm and support.

iS-style individuals are typically warm, friendly, positive, enthusiastic, sentimental, collaborative and accepting. They seek friendship and fear being disliked or pressuring others. Due to this, they can sometimes be overly agreeable, use indirect approaches and be adverse to conflict.

iS careers

As iS types have a strong desire to help others achieve, they are best suited to work environments that promote collaboration, friendliness and harmony. This includes careers such as a teacher, therapist, coach or nurse. They are also likely to thrive as managers, directors or professors as they can positively influence others.

As they do not like routine, iS types may struggle as an accountant, financial analyst, controller or insurance investigator.

Career matches for iS (Buddy)'s:

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