Investigative (Thinkers)

The investigative type is one of the six personality types included in the Holland Code model of personality.

Investigative types tend to be analytical, logical and data-driven. Investigative types tend to enjoy solving complexed problems using mathematics and science.

Due to this, investigative types are likely to be satisfied in careers as an actuary, engineer or as a professor, as these careers are data-driven and involve complexed problem solving.

It is important to note, that although you may share the most preferences with the investigative type, you are very likely to share interests with the other personality types. The Holland Code ranks how you relate to each personality type to give you one of 720 unique personality types.

Investigative careers

Investigative types are best suited to careers that allow them to problem solve, be analytical and focus on data. This is most likely to be a career in science or mathematics, such as an actuary,  engineer, professor, computer programmer or biologist.

Investigative personality types are more likely to struggle in careers that are not data-driven or complexed. This may include careers such as a sales person, real estate agent or travel agent.

Career matches for Investigative's:

Career Guide Category
Actuary Finance
Acupuncturist Healthcare
Anesthesiologist Healthcare
App Developer Computers & IT
Architect Construction
Athletic Trainer Healthcare
Audio Technician Media & Film
Audiologist Healthcare
Brickmason Vocational (Trades)
Carpenter Construction
Chemical Engineer Engineering
Chemist Science & Tech
Child Psychologist Healthcare
Chiropractor Healthcare
Civil Engineer Engineering
Clinical Psychologist Healthcare
Computer Networking Computers & IT
Computer Programmer Computers & IT
Counselor Healthcare
Curator Arts & Humanities
Dentist Healthcare
Detective Public Services
Dietetic Technician Healthcare
Dietitian Healthcare
Economist Finance
Electrical Engineer Engineering
Electrician Vocational (Trades)
Environmental Engineer Engineering
Epidemiologist Science & Tech
Exercise Physiologist Healthcare
Financial Analyst Finance
Food Technician Science & Tech
Forensic Psychologist Healthcare
Geologist Science & Tech
Historian Arts & Humanities
HVACR Technician Vocational (Trades)
Industrial Engineer Engineering
Insurance Underwriter Finance
Internist Healthcare
IT Support Computers & IT
Journalist Media & Film
Landscape Architect Construction
Law Clerk Legal
Lawyer Legal
Machinist Vocational (Trades)
Management Consultant Business
Mechanical Engineer Engineering
Medical Technician Healthcare
Microbiologist Science & Tech
Nuclear Engineer Engineering
Nurse Midwife Healthcare
Nurse Practitioner Healthcare
Nutritionist Healthcare
Occupational Therapist Healthcare
Ophthalmologist Healthcare
Optometrist Healthcare
Orthodontist Healthcare
Paralegal Legal
Pathologist Science & Tech
Pediatrician Healthcare
Petroleum Engineer Engineering
Pharmacist Healthcare
Physical Therapist Healthcare
Physical Therapist Assistant Healthcare
Physician (General) Healthcare
Physician Assistant Healthcare
Pilot Transportation & Logistics
Plumber Vocational (Trades)
Podiatrist Healthcare
Psychiatrist Healthcare
Psychologist Healthcare
Registered Nurse (RN) Healthcare
Respiratory Therapist Healthcare
School Nurse Healthcare
School Psychologist Healthcare
Software Developer Computers & IT
Software QA Computers & IT
Speech Pathologist Healthcare
Speech Therapist Healthcare
Statistician Science & Tech
Surveyor Construction
Systems Analyst Computers & IT
Therapist Healthcare
Tutor Education
Ultrasound Technician Healthcare
Veterinarian Science & Tech
Veterinary Technician Science & Tech
Web Developer Computers & IT
Writer Arts & Humanities