Best Careers for the INTJINTJ Careers

INTJs are logical and consistent. Typically, INTJs will excel in careers where they can use logic to solve problems and implement effective solutions.

In this article, we will look at the INTJs core characteristics and their career considerations based on this. Let’s dive in!

Overview of the INTJ (The Mastermind)

Strategic and collected, the INTJ cleverly climbs their way to the top of their ladders of choice. They hold facts and logic to a high standard, and seek consistency in their reasoning. Moreover, INTJs are typically independent and innovative. They often look for possibilities for improvement and are selective about their relationships, preferring to associate with others who they find intellectually stimulating.

The INTJ personality is one of the “16 personality types” that we see in several different models based on the work of Carl Jung.  These models include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Keirsey Temperament Sorter, among others. It represents an individual who is Introverted (I), iNtuitive (N), Thinking (T) and Judging (J). This indicates that they are a person who is energized by spending time alone, who focus on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details, who makes decisions based on logic and reason, and who prefers to be planned and organized as opposed to spontaneous and flexible.

The INTJ is often referred to as the “Mastermind” or “Architect” because of their uncanny ability to plan ahead and refine a vision for the future. INTJs are typically calculating, organized, driven, and sophisticated. They work steadily towards their goals and maintain a polished presentation throughout the process.

Career Considerations

Many of an INTJs strengths lie their calculating nature and ability to plan head. However, at work they bring key characteristics such as:

  • Achievement-orientation. INTJs are calculating, mentally tough and work towards goals.
  • Decision-making skills. INTJs are very decisive and are strategic and methodological in their decision making.
  • Confidence. Underneath their cool and calm exterior, INTJs are self-assured, quietly confident and always ready to take on new challenges.
  • Effective communicators. ISTJs are concise in their communication and know how to effectively communicate a point.
  •  INTJs also take responsibility and constant improvement very seriously.
  • They are results-focused, but can also keep the big picture in mind.

Best Careers for INTJs

INTJs are logical, efficient, structured and analytical. Due to their strategic outlook and focus, they are likely to excel in science careers, statistician careers and data analytics.

INTJs have the natural ability to grasp how one thing leads to another, and therefore may thrive as a psychiatrist, detective or private investigator. Similarly, INTJs are highly stimulated by problem solving. An ideal career for them is one that will allow them to use their analytical skills to problem-solve and implement effective solutions. Careers in scientific research, computer programming or as an economist or actuary will often fulfill this desire.

Finally, INTJs work hard. Consequently, they may often rise to positions of power. They take this responsibility very serious, and due to their result-focused nature, they should aim to work with colleagues that are competent, intelligent, and productive.

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Worst Careers for INTJs

INTJs are introverted by nature. As a result, they may sometimes fail to consider other peoples emotions and therefore may want to avoid careers with high levels of social interaction. Such careers include as a receptionist, teacher or nurse.

Organized and planned, INTJs typically don’t like chaos and uncertainty. Therefore, they may struggle in careers in the emergency services (e.g., police officer, paramedic or firefighter). Similarly, careers in sales may also be too unpredictable for INTJs to thrive in.

Impact of the Identity Modifier on Career & Work life

As with all of the 16 personality types, INTJ’s will sit somewhere along the identity scale, which ranges from assertive to turbulent. This scale indicates how confident a person is in their own abilities and decisions and it triggers the way in which each type reacts to things.

INTJ-A and INTJ-T will express their shared features in different ways. Let’s take a look!


INTJs who score more towards the assertive end of the scale tend to be confident and resistant to stress. More so than other INTJs, INTJ-As are happy with themselves and confident in their abilities. While good for their mental health, this can mean that INTJ-As don’t always push themselves at work and aren’t motivated to improve.


Like all turbulent types, INTJ-Ts are more likely to be self-conscious and sensitive to stress. However, this sensitivity means that they take note of their weakness and try to improve. Therefore, this often means that when at work, they are seeking to improve their performance and eliminating their mistakes.

Best INTJ Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Accountant Finance
Actuary Finance
Architect Construction
Bookkeeper Finance
Chemical Engineer Engineering
Chemist Science & Tech
Detective Public Services
Economist Finance
Epidemiologist Science & Tech
Financial Advisor Finance
Financial Analyst Finance
Geologist Science & Tech
Historian Arts & Humanities
Medical Transcriptionist Healthcare
Microbiologist Science & Tech
Pathologist Science & Tech
Pharmacist Healthcare
Private Investigator Public Services
Psychiatrist Healthcare
Statistician Science & Tech

Type:  [Introverted – Intuitive – Thinking – Judging]

Keirsey temperament group:  Rationals (NT)

INTJ Jungian cognitive functions stack:

  1. Introverted Intuition (Ni)
  2. Extraverted Thinking (Te)
  3. Introverted Feeling (Fi)
  4. Extraverted Sensing (Se)