ID Careers

The ID personality type, or “The Risk Taker”, is characterized by those who are spontaneous, excitement seeking and adventurous.

In this article, we will explore this ambitious and popular personality style with the aim of giving you a deeper insight and understanding. Which careers are likely to be their best fit? Which careers should the ID approach with caution? So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Overview of the ID (The Risk Taker)

The ID personality style, or otherwise known as the “Risk Taker”, is a combination if the Influence and Dominance personality types that are introduced in the DiSC model. The combination of these two personality types creates an individual who is charismatic, motivating, friendly and persuasive.

Typically, the ID is known for their social skills, their enthusiasm and their creativity. These skills makes them appeal to others and allows them to be excellent team players with a focus on action and results. The ID seeks to be popular and they like to have excitement in their life Furthermore, as their nickname suggests, they like to take risks. However, people with this personality style tend to fear a lack of approval and a fixed environment. Due to this fear, the ID can sometimes become impatient, indecisive and overly self-promoting.

Career Considerations

Many of a IDs strengths lie in their ability to work well as part of a team and motivate and inspire others. However, they truly stand out at work because they are:

  • Sociable. The ID enjoys meeting new people and engaging with them.
  • Approachable. The ID is energetic, charismatic and friendly. Thus, many people will feel they can approach them.
  • Sense of Adventure. ID’s have an energetic nature and are able to bring a huge sense of adventure to any team they join.
  • Motivating. The ID can use their positive and enthusiastic personality to motivate and inspire others.
  • Delegating Tasks. The ID likes to solve problems by involving others and having open discussions. As a result, they are good at delegating responsibilities and tasks.
  • The ID also places high priority of personal interactions and relationships.

Best Careers for the ID

IDs tend to attack everything with a sense of boldness and passion. They seek excitement, desire relations with others and crave spontaneity. Due to this, they are best suited to laid-back workplaces and careers where they can use the charisma to build relationships with others. Careers in sales, project management or human resources, for example, will allow the ID the freedom to make their own decisions whilst working with others.

Whilst the ID doesn’t always have the patience for focusing on the small details, they are often very creative. In particularly, IDs like the freedom to creatively brainstorm new ideas. They then like to discuss these ideas with colleagues who are open-minded, optimistic and independent. Furthermore, the ID also prefers to steer clear of traditional work environments and will thrive in remote working or hot desking offices. Based on all of this, the ID may thrive in careers in marketing or as an arts director.

Worst Careers for the ID

Due to their desire to be spontaneous, the ID is unlikely to be suited to careers in strict, structured and isolated environments. They are also likely to become frustrated by careers with predictable routines and mundane tasks. Therefore, the ID may want to steer clear of many finance careers (e.g., as an accountant or financial analyst) and careers in science or computing and IT.

Best ID (Risk Taker) Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Account Executive Marketing & Sales
Account Manager Marketing & Sales
Art Director Marketing & Sales
Banker Finance
Editor Media & Film
General Contractor Construction
Human Resources Business
Industrial – Organizational Psychologist Business
Insurance Agent Finance
IT Manager Computers & IT
Journalist Media & Film
Marketing Assistant Marketing & Sales
Marketing Manager Marketing & Sales
Public Relations Specialist Business
Real Estate Agent (Realtor) Marketing & Sales
Retail Manager Business
Sales Manager Marketing & Sales
Sales Representative Marketing & Sales
Stockbroker Finance