iD (Risk Taker)

The Risk Taker (iD) personality type is part of the DiSC personality model. They focus on action, enthusiasm and results.

iD-style individuals are typically persuasive, friendly, ambitious, trusting, adventurous, charismatic and influential. They seek to be popular and like excitement. They tend to fear a lack of approval and a fixed environment and can sometimes become impatient, indecisive and overly self-promoting when they sense this.

iD careers

iD types seek excitement and spontaneity. Due to this, they are best suited to laid-back workplaces and careers where they can use the charisma to build relationships with others. Such careers include sales, marketing, project management, human resources or talent acquisition.

They are unlikely to be suited to careers in strict, structured and isolated environments, such as an accountant, scientist or IT support.

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