I Careers

The I personality type, or “The Enthusiast”, is characterized by those who are enthusiastic, action-oriented and collaborative. In this article, we will take a look at the I’s key strengths at work. We will also explore what careers they may thrive in, and what careers they should approach with caution. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Overview of the I (The Enthusiast)

The I personality type, or “The Enthusiast”, is the influence personality type introduced in the DISC personality model. These types of people tend to be energetic, lively and sociable.

I-Style individuals are inspiring, influencing and impressionable. They love being around others and connecting with them. Their trusting and outgoing nature means that the I is an excellent and engaging communicator.

The Enthusiast likes to influence others, wants excitement in their life and wants to be popular. As a result, they tend to greatly fear not having their voice heard or being rejected. Due to this, they may become impulsive, gossiping or overly emotionally expressive.

Career Considerations

Many of an I’s strengths lie in their enthusiasm and liveliness. However, they truly stand out at work because they have qualities such as:

  • Networking. The I enjoys interacting with others and is able to very quickly build rapport and connections with others.
  • Leadership. The I is very enthusiastic in their leadership style, which motivates those around them. 
  • Encouraging. The I likes to see others do well. Therefore, they are very good at verbally encouraging others to develop themselves. 
  • Decisions making. The I is able to brainstorm and find solutions to problems. They are also able to improve based on intuition.  
  • The I has an engaging personality which means they bring a sense of energy and fun to any team.

Best Careers for the I

The I loves being around people and connecting with others. Particularly, the Enthusiast likes to be able to interact with and inspire a diverse group of people. They want each day to be different and exciting. Based on this, the I is likely to thrive in public relations, as a realtor or as a travel agent. In each of these careers, they get to meet a variety of different people and interact with them enthusiastically.

The Enthusiast loves to have the freedom to bounce between multiple ideas, to explain things with emotion and to be expressive with their language. They are also lively and creative. Therefore, the I is likely to thrive in creative careers, such as in fashion design, acting, directing or copywriting.

Worst Careers for the I

I personality types tend to have problems with consistent and predictable routines. As a result, they are unlikely to thrive in careers that focus too much on routine and structure. Many careers in finance (e.g., bookkeeping or accountancy) or science (e.g., epidemiology or microbiology) may frustrate the energetic Enthusiast.

Furthermore, the I likes to work closely with others and influence them. They want to have a say in group decisions and, as a result, may want to approach independent careers with caution. Careers in computing and IT, for example, require much independent working and may leave an I type feeling unfulfilled.

Best I (Enthusiast) Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Actor/Actress Media & Film
Art Director Marketing & Sales
Artist Arts & Humanities
Copywriter Marketing & Sales
Curator Arts & Humanities
Director Media & Film
Editor Media & Film
Fashion Designer Arts & Humanities
Flight Attendant Transportation & Logistics
Interior Designer Arts & Humanities
Photographer Arts & Humanities
Producer Media & Film
Public Relations Specialist Business
Real Estate Agent (Realtor) Marketing & Sales
Travel Agent Hospitality & Tourism
Writer Arts & Humanities