ESTP (The Explorer)

Curious and sharp, the ESTP sees life as one giant adventure with plenty of opportunities. They are always open to explore new sights and meet more potential friends. The ESTP is highly energized and active. ESTPs typically bring a sense of energy to their interactions and are often considered to be the ‘life of the party’. They are not the sensitive type and due to this, they generally prefer to keep things light-hearted, fast-paced rather than serious or emotional.

The ESTP personality is one of the “16 personality types” that we see in several different models based on the work of Carl Jung.  These models include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Keirsey Temperament Sorter, among others. It represents an individual who is Extraverted (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T) and Perceiving (P). This indicates that they are a person who is energized by spending time with others, who focus on facts and details rather than ideas and concepts, who makes decisions based on logic and reason, and who prefers to be spontaneous and flexible as opposed to planned and organized.

The ESTP is often referred to as the “Explorer”, “Dynamo” or “Athlete” because of their high energy and stamina. ESTPs are typically fit, active, sharp, laid-back, and strong. They want to use their abilities and power to tweak their environment and power through life, one step at a time – though sprinting comes more naturally!

ESTP key characteristics:

  • Physically adept, athletic and active lifestyle
  • Explorative approach, enjoys new experiences
  • Knack for reacting quickly to immediate surroundings
  • Open-minded and adapts easily to novel environments
  • Energetic and motivating towards others

ESTP Careers: Work Considerations for ESTPs

The ESTP typically prefers an exciting, ever-shifting, and experimental approach to career direction as an on-the-go business owner. With their spatial finesse and physical stamina, they excel in fitness, performing, and travel industries.

Natural strengths in the workplace:

  • Proactivity and working hard
  • Quick on adapting to new people and environments
  • Knack for seeing what needs to be fixed
  • Understanding when to stop working before burnout happens
  • Tolerating and accepting all teammates

Areas for improvement:

  • Tendency of resorting to extreme bodily sensations or gambling under stress
  • Seeking immediate gratification often
  • Dismissing emotions and giving less credit to repressed thoughts
  • Expressing personal needs and boundaries
  • Verifying information before accepting it as fact

Career suggestions:

  • Fitness instructing and training
  • Stunt driving and performing
  • Archaeology, historical technology
  • Travel agency, writing
  • Overseas language teaching

General career paths to avoid:

  • Nursing, senior care services
  • Veterinary sciences
  • Laboratory research and testing
  • Writing, proofreading
  • Graphic design, architecture

Type: [Extraverted – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving]

Keirsey temperament group:  Artisans (SP)

ESTP Jungian cognitive functions stack:

  1. Extraverted Sensing (Se)
  2. Introverted Thinking (Ti)
  3. Extraverted Feeling (Fe)
  4. Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Career matches for ESTP's:

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