Enterprising (persuaders)

The enterprising type is one of the six personality types included in the Holland Code model of personality.

Enterprising types tend to be adventurous and enthusiastic. These types tend to have a natural ability to lead others and are often incredibly persuasive, meaning they are good at selling things.

Enterprising types likely be satisfied and fulfilled in sales careers, or in a career as a politician, as a real estate agent, fundraiser, actuary or in human resources as they careers promote sales and persuasiveness.

It is important to note, that although you may share the most preferences with the enterprising type, you are very likely to share interests with the other personality types. The Holland Code ranks how you relate to each personality type to give you one of 720 unique personality types.

Enterprising careers

As the enterprising personality types tend to have the natural ability to lead and they tend to thrive in social careers that allow them to be energetic and enthusiastic. This includes careers in sales, management, real estate, travel or law.

Enterprising personalities are likely to suffer in careers that are intellectual or scientific. For example, biologists, dentists, programmers or meteorologists.

Career matches for Enterprising's:

Career Guide Category
Accountant Finance
Actor/Actress Media & Film
Actuary Finance
Administrative Support Business
Air Traffic Controller Transportation & Logistics
Architect Construction
Art Director Marketing & Sales
Bank Teller Finance
Bookkeeper Finance
Chef Hospitality & Tourism
Claims Adjuster Finance
Clergy Human Services
Computer Networking Computers & IT
Construction Manager Construction
Controller Finance
Copywriter Marketing & Sales
Correctional Officer Public Services
Court Reporter Legal
Curator Arts & Humanities
Customer Service Business
Detective Public Services
Dietitian Healthcare
Director Media & Film
Economist Finance
Editor Media & Film
Event Planner Marketing & Sales
Executive Business
Fashion Designer Arts & Humanities
Filmmaker Media & Film
Financial Advisor Finance
Financial Analyst Finance
Flight Attendant Transportation & Logistics
Forensic Accountant Finance
Fundraiser Marketing & Sales
General Contractor Construction
Graphic Designer Marketing & Sales
Hairdresser Human Services
High School Teacher Education
Human Resources Business
Industrial – Organizational Psychologist Business
Industrial Engineer Engineering
Insurance Agent Finance
Insurance Underwriter Finance
Interior Designer Arts & Humanities
Investment Banker Finance
IT Project Manager Computers & IT
Journalist Media & Film
Landscape Architect Construction
Law Clerk Legal
Lawyer Legal
Legal Secretary Legal
Librarian Education
Loan Officer Finance
Logistics Manager Transportation & Logistics
Management Consultant Business
Marketing Manager Marketing & Sales
Medical Billing & Coding Healthcare
Model Media & Film
Mortgage Loan Officer Finance
Nanny Human Services
Nutritionist Healthcare
Operations Manager Business
Optician Healthcare
Paralegal Legal
Pastry Chef (baker) Hospitality & Tourism
Personal Driver (Uber, Lyft) Transportation & Logistics
Personal Trainer Healthcare
Police Officer Public Services
Private Investigator Public Services
Probation Officer Public Services
Producer Media & Film
Purchasing Manager Business
Real Estate Agent (Realtor) Marketing & Sales
Sales Manager Marketing & Sales
Sales Representative Marketing & Sales
School Administration Education
Security Guard Public Services
Server (Waiter/Waitress) Hospitality & Tourism
Stockbroker Finance
Travel Agent Hospitality & Tourism
Warehouse Manager Transportation & Logistics