Best Careers for ENFJsENFJ Careers

Individuals who test as ENFJs often excel in workplaces where they can help and interact with others. Indeed, they are often found as teachers or as entrepreneurs with their own small business!

In this article we’ll look at key career considerations for ENFJs. We will explore how they can use their unique skills and personality to get the most of out their working life. Let’s dive in!

Overview of the ENFJ (The Mentor)

Ready to lend a helping hand, the ENFJ enjoys serving the community and their many circles of loved ones. They value honesty, authenticity, and all-around kindness. ENFJs are typically idealist, organized, optimistic, forward-thinking, energetic and driven. They have an ability to see potential in other people and are focused on their values, visions and the possibilities for their growth.

The ENFJ personality is one of the “16 personality types” that we see in several different models based on the work of Carl Jung.  These models include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Keirsey Temperament Sorter, among others. It represents an individual who is Extraverted (E), iNtuitive (N), Feeling (F) and Judging (J). This indicates that they are a person who is energized by spending time with others, who focus on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details, who makes decisions based on emotions and values, and who prefers to be planned and organized as opposed to spontaneous and flexible.

The ENFJ is often referred to as the “Mentor” or “Teacher” because of their high empathy and knack for guiding others. ENFJs are typically friendly, welcoming, patient, and tolerant. They thrive on deep, meaningful connections with people they respect and admire. Socially aware, ENFJs often champion many causes or organizations.

Career Considerations

Many of an ENFJs strengths lay in their empathy for others, their social awareness and their ability to connect with others. However, at work they bring key characteristics such as:

  • Mentor-like presence. ENFJs are willing to freely give their time and want to bring out the best in each individual.
  • Compassion. ENFJs are deeply caring, compassionate and highly sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Leadership. ENFJs are capable of managing teams and enjoy engineering happiness and joy into these groups.
  • Popularity. ENFJs tend to be well-liked by the community and colleagues.
  • ENFJs also have the ability to pick up on social cues and create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. 

Best Careers for ENFJs

ENFJs are warmly outgoing. They are highly sensitive towards the emotions of others and view other people as their top priority. Based on this, ENFJs are highly likely to thrive in any careers that allows them to look after and interact with others. Careers in counseling or allied health, for example, are likely to suit ENFJs.

Similarly, ENFJs like to inspire and motivate others. Their creativity and ability to make personal and meaningful connections is likely to make them excellent teachers. ENFJs are focused on bringing out the best of others, they will be well-liked and well respected by their students

ENFJs have excellent language and communication skills. This makes them highly suited to careers that require instruction or communication with others. Careers with organizational requirements, as well as communication requirements, will also suit ENFJs. For example, careers as an event planner, executive assistants or a school administrator require both communication and organization.

Finally, ENFJs have a talent for organizing people and leading others. They want to bring out the best in everyone, and have the ability to spot and utilize each individuals unique strengths and weaknesses. As a result, ENFJs are likely to be found in sociable and creative leadership roles where they can train and grow others. Roles may include art director, human resources, producer or director.

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Worst Careers for ENFJs

ENFJs like things to be settled, organized and scheduled. Careers that are too erratic or too unpredictable are likely to stress ENFJs. Such careers may include in sales or automobile dealerships.

ENFJs are idealistic. They like to see the best in people and can be deeply affected when faced with an alternative reality. As a result, careers in policing, law enforcement or the military may overwhelm an ENFJ and their idealistic interpretation of the world.

ENFJs are drawn to people – they thrive of interactions with others and want to bring the best out of everyone. Therefore, careers that require too much logic or inward thinking, such as in IT and computing, may frustrate and stress ENFJs. Similarly, careers in scientific research or data wrangling are likely to appear too solitary for ENFJs.

Impact of the Identity Modifier on Career & Work life

As with all of the 16 personality types, ENFJs will sit somewhere along the identity scale, which ranges from assertive to turbulent. This scale indicates how confident a person is in their own abilities and decisions and it triggers the way in which each type reacts to things.

ENFJ-A and ENFJ-T will express their shared features in different ways. Let’s take a look!


Like all assertive types, ENFJ-As are reasonably confident. This allows them to move more boldly and independently. They are more comfortable than other ENFJs with handling emotions and stress, making them strong and resilient leaders.


Turbulent types are often far more self-conscious and less-confident than their assertive cousins. However, they tend to empathize more deeply with others and understand what they are going through. They are also likely to ask for the opinion of others, which makes them excellent team players.

Best ENFJ Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Acupuncturist Healthcare
Administrative Support Business
Art Director Marketing & Sales
Audiologist Healthcare
Childcare Human Services
Chiropractor Healthcare
Counselor Healthcare
Dietetic Technician Healthcare
Dietitian Healthcare
Director Media & Film
Elementary School Teacher Education
Event Planner Marketing & Sales
Fundraiser Marketing & Sales
High School Teacher Education
Human Resources Business
Kindergarten Teacher Education
Massage Therapist Healthcare
Middle School Teacher Education
Nutritionist Healthcare
Occupational Therapist Healthcare
Physical Therapist Assistant Healthcare
Preschool Teacher Education
Producer Media & Film
Recreational Therapist Healthcare
School Administration Education
Special Education Teacher Education
Speech Pathologist Healthcare
Speech Therapist Healthcare
Tutor Education

Type:  [Extraverted – Intuitive – Feeling – Judging]

Keirsey temperament group:  Idealists (NF)

ENFJ Jungian cognitive functions stack:

  1. Extraverted Feeling (Fe)
  2. Introverted Intuition (Ni)
  3. Extraverted Sensing (Se)
  4. Introverted Thinking (Ti)