DI Careers

The DI, or “The Seeker”, is action-oriented and enthusiastic. In the right career, they have the skills to excel and achieve great things.

In this article, we will explore which careers are likely to be great matches to the DI. We will also take a look at which careers go against a DIs natural strengths and therefore may frustrate them.

Overview of the DI (The Seeker)

The DI, or otherwise known as “The Seeker”, displays a combination of the fast-paced and assertive personality types of Dominance and Influence, as introduced in the DISC model. DI-style people focus on action, results and enthusiasm. The DI is focused and tends to work well in many teams, using their creativity and innovation to bring fresh ideas to the table.

DI-style individuals are typically results-oriented, inquisitive, driven, charming and entrepreneurial. However, they tend to fear a loss of power or status and work to influence others with their charm. Due to this fear, the Seeker may become impatient, manipulative, intimidating or rebellious.

Career Considerations

Many of a DIs strengths lie in their enthusiasm, social skills and team player attitude. However, they truly stand out at work because they bring strengths such as:

  • Decision-making. The DI is able to quickly make decisions without waiting to gather all the necessary information. They may also take the necessary risks to make these decisions.
  • Leadership. The DI is able to eagerly take charge of social situations and create a lively and energetic atmosphere.
  • Networking. The DI uses their charisma to bring people together, build rapport and share ideas.
  • Enthusiasm. The DI is naturally energetic and charismatic. In teams, they are able to present ideas with great enthusiasm and energy.
  • The DI is also able to quickly spot opportunities for advancement, both personally and for the team.

Best Careers for the DI

The seeker is action-oriented and results driven. As a consequence, they tend to be suited to careers that promote efficiency and goal-achievement. The DI is also likely to thrive in environments where they can progress quickly, take risks and set goals. Furthermore, they are not afraid of public speaking and presenting their ideas to an audience. Based on this, they tend to make excellent directors, executives and various sorts of managers.

The DI doesn’t mind a bit of competition. In high pressured environments, they like to use their social skills to create new relationships, win people over and persuade them to do things. This, mixed with their desire for excitement and thrill, means that they are likely to thrive in sales, marketing, journalism or as an account executive.

Worst Careers for the DI

The DI is not particularly detailed or analytical. Therefore, they may want to consider approaching any careers that focus too much on the small details with caution. Such careers many include in logistics, science or computing. Similarly, the DI like change, excitement and spontaneity. Based on this, DI personalities are less likely to thrive in slower paces environments where their coworkers are not results-oriented. This might include careers such as teaching, counselling or therapy.

Best DI (Seeker) Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Account Executive Marketing & Sales
Art Director Marketing & Sales
Banker Finance
Construction Manager Construction
Detective Public Services
Executive Business
Firefighter Public Services
Internet Marketer Marketing & Sales
Investment Banker Finance
Journalist Media & Film
Management Consultant Business
Marketing Manager Marketing & Sales
Operations Manager Business
Private Investigator Public Services
Purchasing Manager Business
Retail Manager Business
Sales Manager Marketing & Sales
Warehouse Manager Transportation & Logistics