DC (Challenger)

The Challenger (DC) personality type is part of the DiSC personality model. They focus on challenge, results and accuracy.

DC-style individuals typically drive for perfection, take initiative and are diligent, strong-willed, determined and focused. They strive for personal accomplishment and fear not being able to achieve their own high standard. Due to this, DC-styles can sometimes be critical, stubborn and tough.

CD careers

As challenger personality types strive for perfection, they are likely to succeed in careers that are results focused, challenging and promote accuracy. Such careers include sales representatives, various management roles, law or finance (e.g., a financial advisor or analyst).

Challenger personality types will struggle in careers where they feel overpowered by others or where they have to work with people who focus on feelings rather than logic. This suggests that challenger types should avoid careers such as counselling or therapy and work in environments where they do not have too many superiors.

Career matches for DC (Challenger)'s:

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