D Careers

In this article, we will take a closer look at the D, or “The Winner”, personality style. Characterized by those who focus on challenge, results and action,  D-style individuals will all excel in the right career. We will take a look at the D’s strengths in the workplace. We will then explore what career they may thrive in, and what careers may frustrate and overwhelm then.

Overview of the D (Winner)

The D, or  “The Winner”, represents the Dominance personality type introduced in the DISC personality model. As their nickname suggests, the D tends to be incredibly strong-willed, self-reliant and independent.

D-style individuals tend to be directive and decisive. Naturally, they have high self-confidence and enjoy taking risks. They are self-starters and are often highly motivated, innovative and driven. However, the Winner greatly fears being taken advantage of or appearing weak. As a result, they can sometimes become easily-bored, tough-minded, impatient and lack empathy.

Career Considerations

Many of a D’s strengths lay in their assertive, ambitious and result-oriented nature. At work, they truly stand out because they have strengths such as:

  • Resourcefulness. The D personality type is self-reliant and resourceful when working towards their goals.
  • Goal-Oriented. The D type likes to win and, as a result, they will work tirelessly towards their goals.
  • Communication Skills. The D is able to communicate directly, using facts and informal language.
  • Decision Making. The D is able to operate with a sense of urgency and can be firm and conclusive in their decision making.
  • Leadership. The D personality will often express a desire for control and autonomy. When they are in a leadership position, they are good at directing and motivating others towards results.

Best Careers for the D

D personalities are winners. They focus closely on results, challenge and efficiency. As a consequence, the D is best suited to fast-paced careers where they can complete ambitious projects to tight deadlines. Careers as a lawyer, police officer, detective or private investigator are likely to suit these determined types.

The Winner also prefer to lead, rather than follow. They like to take responsibility, they want to make decisions and they want to provide goal-focused directions to others. Based on this, it is highly likely to find D’s in high up roles, such as an executive. Similarly, the D may also thrive in  any other career where it is easy to become self-employed. Careers in personal training, for example.

Worst Careers for the D

The D is not likely to be suited to careers where they are managed intensely and have little autonomy. Based on this, they may want to avoid careers as assistants or technicians. As the D isn’t particularly bothered about the needs of others or building long-term relations, they may not be suited to emotionally charged or personal roles. Similarly, they will also not be suited to slower paced roles, such as a librarian or therapist.

Best D (Winner) Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Account Executive Marketing & Sales
Athletic Trainer Healthcare
Banker Finance
Construction Manager Construction
Detective Public Services
Executive Business
Firefighter Public Services
Internet Marketer Marketing & Sales
Investment Banker Finance
Journalist Media & Film
Lawyer Legal
Military Public Services
Personal Trainer Healthcare
Police Officer Public Services
Private Investigator Public Services
Stockbroker Finance