D (Winner)

The Winner, or Dominance (D), personality type is part of the DiSC personality model. They focus on results, action and challenge.

D-style individuals are typically strong-willed, self-reliant and independent thinkers. They tend to fear being taken advantage of or appearing weak, and can sometimes be easily-bored, tough-minded, impatient and lack empathy.

D careers

D personalities focus on results, challenge and efficiency. Due to this, D personality types will be suited to the fast-paced careers as a lawyer, police officer 0r company directors. They may also thrive as personal trainers or carpenters or any other career where it is easy to become self-employed.

They are not likely to be suited to careers where they are managed intensely, such as assistants or technicians. They will also not be suited to slower paced roles, such as a librarian or therapist.

Career matches for D (Winner)'s:

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