CS Careers

The CS, or “The Bedrock”, personality type tends to be reserved, even-tempered and solitary.

In this article, we will take a look at the CS personality type. We will explore their traits and strengths and then take a look at what careers, based on this, they are likely to be suited to. We will also explore which careers they may want to approach with caution!

Overview of the CS (The Bedrock)

The CS, or otherwise known as “The Bedrock” personality type is a combination of the Conscientiousness (C) and Steadiness (S) traits in the DISC model. The combination of these two traits leads to someone who is profusely reliable, structured and serious.

CS-style individuals are often perfectionist. They are exceptionally dutiful, cautious and stable. Often, they have incredible patience and like to do everything in a conventional and orderly manner.

What a CS fears most is ambiguity, not being prepared for a situation and emotionally charged situations. When faced with these types of situations, the CS may become self-controlled, indecisive and cautious.

Career Considerations

Many of a CS’s strengths are in their reliability, independence and analytical nature. At work, they bring key talents such as:

  • Analytical Approach. The CS will use an analytical approach to solve problems and come up with logical solutions.
  • Teaching Others. The CS is a perfectionist, and wants other to be so too. As a result, they are good at teaching others how to do things in a step-by-step manner.
  • Decision Making. The CS tends to gather information, consider many factors and assess the risk before making any decisions.
  • Calming Presence. The Bedrock thrives of stability and routine. As a result, they often have a calming presence.
  • Attention to Detail. The CS is practical and thorough, meaning they notice even the smallest of details!

Best Careers for the CS

Due to their cautiousness and rigidness, the Bedrock is most likely to thrive most in an orderly work environment that has no surprises and promotes stability and routine. Similarly, as the CS is independent, they are likely to thrive in less sociable careers where they are allowed to work by themselves the vast majority of the time. Careers as scientists, administrators or an accountant are likely to energize the CS.

The CS is typically very appreciative of guidance from others. As a result, they are not often seen in top management positions. Instead, the CS is likely to thrive in positions where they are given gentle guidance from other, like-minded, people. But, they are not micro-managed or smothered. Careers as a pharmacy technician, medical technician or research technician are therefore likely to align with a CSs values.

Worst Careers for the CS

The CS is known for being quite shy. They are also likely to feel overwhelmed by too much social interaction and emotionally charged situations. As a result, the Bedrock may want to approach careers that involve social interaction or leading others, such as ones in sales, therapy, teaching, counselling or project management with caution.

The CS can be incredibly rigid. They thrive off routine and therefore are likely to struggle in erratic or unpredictable careers. Careers such as law enforcement or investment banking may stress a CS and cause them to waste time by overcomplicating and confusing situations.

Best CS (Bedrock) Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Accountant Finance
Administrative Support Business
Bookkeeper Finance
Chemist Science & Tech
Dietetic Technician Healthcare
Epidemiologist Science & Tech
Food Technician Science & Tech
IT Support Computers & IT
Medical Billing & Coding Healthcare
Medical Technician Healthcare
Medical Transcriptionist Healthcare
Microbiologist Science & Tech
Ophthalmic Technician Healthcare
Pathologist Science & Tech
Pharmacy Technician Healthcare
Research Technician Science & Tech
Statistician Science & Tech