C Careers

The analyst represents someone who is conscientious and is driven by accuracy, stability and challenge. In this article, we will take a look at the C-style personality. We will explore what qualities they bring to the workplace and, based on these qualities, what careers they may thrive in.

If you, or someone you know, has tested as a C personality type, then we hope you find this information useful in aiding your career search!

Overview of the C (The Analyst)

The C personality type, or otherwise known as “The Analyst” represents the Conscientious personality style introduced in the DISC model. The Analyst is an incredibly conscientious individual. This means that they focus on accuracy, following the rules and doing things correctly.

C-style individuals are typically skeptical, disciplined, analytical and rational. They are usually fiercely pragmatic and frequently solve problems with an analytical, fact-driven approach. The Analyst tends to fear being wrong or displaying emotions. This means that, in order to avoid this, they can sometimes become nit-pickers, overpowering and detached from others.

Career Considerations

Many of a Cs strengths lie in their disciplined nature and analytical approach. However, they truly stand out at work because of their skills such as:

  • Decision Making. The Analyst is excellent at making objective decisions rather than emotional ones. They also take their time to make decisions, which is useful in many circumstances.
  • Methodical Approach. The C is analytical and logical. At work, they are deliberate, clear and methodical in their approach.
  • Analytical. The C personality type is comfortable analyzing large amounts of information.
  • The C personality type also takes time to clearly define procedures and explain things when giving assignments.

Best Careers for the C

As the nickname suggests, “Analysts” are data driven, logical and analytical. Based on this, C type personalities are likely to be best suited to careers that are independent and data-driven  Such careers include engineers, software developers, data scientists or scientists.

C type personalities also like to work independently, but they don’t mind going back to a team to share their results. As a result, they are likely to prefer careers with minimal social interaction whilst they are problem solving. Such careers may include as an actuary or financial analyst.

Worst Careers for the C

The C type personality fears getting things wrong. As a result, they need to seek careers in industries where others are as serious and accurate as them. Careers in sales or marketing, for example, may be too erratic, unpredictable and error filled. The Analyst personality also tends to have little patience for those who do not share the same logical and rational mindset as them. As a result, they are likely to struggle in artistic careers or ones where people make decisions based on emotion (e.g., social work).

Best C (Analyst) Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Actuary Finance
App Developer Computers & IT
Chemical Engineer Engineering
Civil Engineer Engineering
Electrical Engineer Engineering
Environmental Engineer Engineering
Epidemiologist Science & Tech
Express Delivery Driver Transportation & Logistics
Financial Analyst Finance
Geologist Science & Tech
Industrial Engineer Engineering
Mail Carrier Transportation & Logistics
Mechanical Engineer Engineering
Microbiologist Science & Tech
Nuclear Engineer Engineering
Pathologist Science & Tech
Personal Driver (Uber, Lyft) Transportation & Logistics
Petroleum Engineer Engineering
Pilot Transportation & Logistics
Research Technician Science & Tech
Software Developer Computers & IT
Statistician Science & Tech
Truck Driver (CDL) Transportation & Logistics