Artistic (Creators) Careers

Artistic types, or otherwise known as “The Creators” work with ideas and things. They tend to be uniquely creative, perceptive and original. At work, they have many unique strengths.

In this article, we will explore the Artistic type in more detail. We will look at their workplace strengths. We will also look at which careers, based on these strengths, Artistic personalities are likely to thrive in.

Overview of the Artistic Type

The Artistic personality type, or “The Creator”, is one of the six personality types included in the Holland Code model of personality. Typically, Artistic types tend to value self-expression. They do not follow rules and have the ability to think outside the box and see things from different perspectives.

They are referred to as “Creators” because of their creativity, innovativeness and intuition. They work best with ‘ideas and things’ and very much like to generate new ideas and solutions to problems.

Career Considerations

Many of an Artistic types strengths are in their ability to use their hands and mind to create new things and appreciate beauty. At work, they truly stand out because:

  • Creativity. As the name suggests, Artistic types are imaginative and can think of original and creative ideas.
  • Sensitivity. Artistic types are in touch with their emotions and are aware of the needs of others.
  • Flexibility. Artistic people enjoy new experiences and are therefore adaptable to many situation.
  • Independent. Although Artistic types enjoy other peoples company, they are also fiercely independent and capable of working alone.

Best Careers for Artistic Types

In general, Artistic types, or “Creators”, are free spirited. They do not like structure or routine and, as a result, should steer clear of ‘boring’ or mundane tasks. Due to their innate creativity, Artistic types are likely to be satisfied and fulfilled in careers that allow expression. Such careers include as a graphic designer, photographer, pastry chef or art director.

It is important to note that although you may relate most to the Artistic personality type, your ‘ideal’ career may be influenced by your secondary (and then tertiary) type.

  • Artistic types with a secondary type of ‘Social’ like to work with others. As a result, they are likely to thrive as teachers, interpreters or in clergy.
  • Artistic types with a secondary type of ‘Enterprising’ are likely to be found in influential and entrepreneurial roles. Such careers include as an architect, journalist or interior designer.
  • Artistic types with a secondary type of ‘Realistic’ like to do practical creative work. As a result, they are likely to enjoy a career as a photographer, pastry chef or landscape architect. 
  • Artistic types with a secondary type of ‘Conventional’ like to work accurately and reliably towards deadlines. They are likely to thrive as editors, writers or copywriters.
  • Artistic types with a secondary type of ‘Investigative’ like to research. These types re likely to be found in data-drive, but creative, careers such as an architect or filmmaker.

Worst Careers for Artistic Types

Regardless of their secondary personality type, all creators are likely to struggle in careers that don’t promote creativity, spontaneity and are rigid. They will feel deep frustration in careers that allow little emotional or artistic expression.  Such careers include those in the mathematics, finance or administration industries. Specific examples include: financial analyst, an insurance claims clerk, bank tellers, budget analysts or technicians.

Best Artistic Career Matches:

Career Guide Category
Actor/Actress Media & Film
Architect Construction
Art Director Marketing & Sales
Chef Hospitality & Tourism
Child Psychologist Healthcare
Childcare Human Services
Clergy Human Services
Clinical Psychologist Healthcare
Copywriter Marketing & Sales
Counselor Healthcare
Curator Arts & Humanities
Daycare Worker Human Services
Director Media & Film
Editor Media & Film
Elementary School Teacher Education
Fashion Designer Arts & Humanities
Filmmaker Media & Film
Forensic Psychologist Healthcare
Fundraiser Marketing & Sales
Graphic Designer Marketing & Sales
Hairdresser Human Services
High School Teacher Education
Interior Designer Arts & Humanities
Interpreter Human Services
Journalist Media & Film
Kindergarten Teacher Education
Landscape Architect Construction
Lawyer Legal
Middle School Teacher Education
Model Media & Film
Nanny Human Services
Pastry Chef (baker) Hospitality & Tourism
Photographer Arts & Humanities
Preschool Teacher Education
Producer Media & Film
Psychiatrist Healthcare
Psychologist Healthcare
Recreational Therapist Healthcare
Sign Language Interpreter Human Services
Special Education Teacher Education
Speech Pathologist Healthcare
Speech Therapist Healthcare
Therapist Healthcare
Web Developer Computers & IT
Writer Arts & Humanities