Career Assessments

Taking a free career assessment is a great way to discover which types of careers are potential matches for you. The best career tests consider your personality, skills, interests and work-life goals and then point you in the direction of potential career-matches.

Which Career Test is Best for You?

There are a number of wonderful career assessments that we like, though we do believe which test is best depends on your situation. Specifically, the RIASECFive Factors and DISC are all great for exploring your professional life. Even tests that are more focused on just your personality like the Enneagram or 16 Types Models can be quite insightful. But which one you should take depends on your situation:

  • Are you a high school student considering going into the vocational trades?
  • Maybe you are a college undergraduate who is preparing to declare a major?
  • Or a soon-to-be graduate looking to land your first job?
  • Or maybe you’ve been working for a number of years and are considering a career change?

In any of these cases, just fill out the short form on this page and we’ll instantly tell you which career test we recommend you take, with both free and premium (paid) options available.

What to Do AFTER Taking a Career Assessment

Have you completed a career assessment? If so, make note of your results – which types you are most highly correlated with. Then head over to our Career Guides page and sort/filter our database of careers based on your “career personality type”. You can also check out our personality type descriptions for a deeper dive on your type.