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Actuarial Consultant

An actuarial consultant is a professional who advises their clients on investment, insurance and pension related decisions. They reach this advice by the extensive use of statistics, contingency plans and by analysing a large amount of data to help clients choose the proper insurance, pension and investment plans.

Pricing Analyst

A pricing analyst works with complexed data sets and is responsible for analysing competitor pricing and market expectations. Their main goal is to determine the ideal target price for products and to work to achieve the revenue goals of the business that they work for.


A cryptographer protects confidential information by encrypting sensitive data for both individual and corporate privacy.

They do this by creating algorithms and chippers to encrypt data Aim is to better understand how to avoid gaps in security ? protect individuals, groups, business and organizations alike

Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is responsible for the provisioning, deployment, configuration and administration of many different pieces of network and security-related hardware and software.

They are an organizations first line of defense against unauthorized access and security threats and they must know how to strategize and prepare before security threat is enacted.

Security Architect

A security architect is responsible for designing, building, testing, implementing and maintaining computer and network security for an organization. They must have a thorough understanding of very complexed IT systems and stay up to date with the latest security standards, systems and authentication protocols.

Security Analyst

Security analysts work to protect the security systems of one organization. Their job is to keep constant tabs on threats and monitor the organizations network for potential security vulnerabilities. They use this information, collected from threat monitoring tools and other sources, to identify, analyse and report on events that have occurred, or may occur, on the organizations network.