About the Job Title "Narrator"

Narrator Job Description

A narrator makes explanatory comments to accompany action parts of motion pictures. There are no formal educational requirements to becoming a narrator.

Narrator Job Profiles: This is a general writeup based on our research into Narrator positions in the Actor/Actress career area. For individual, real-life job profiles of actual people with this type of job, check out our job profiles page.

What's it like to be a Narrator?

Duties and responsibilities

A narrator (sometimes called voice actors) makes explanatory comments to accompany action parts of motion pictures. Their typical duties and responsibilities include:

  • Reading from a script
  • Narrators may write their script
  • Speaking into a microphone as a film is being projected
  • Timing comments to fit the action being portrayed


There are no specific educational requirements to become a narrator. However, many narrators will attend drama school or achieve a college degree in a related field (e.g., acting, film or media).

Skills and relevant work experience

Narrators will need skills and talents such as:

  • Timing, as narrators need to input their voice at the correct time
  • Writing, as narrators may need to write their own scripts
  • Creativity, as narrators will need to know how to make their scripts and voice engaging
  • Teamwork skills, as narrators will work with other professionals in the creative field (e.g., producers, directors, actors)


Narrators may work full time or part time. Often, their hours and schedule may be sporadic and unpredictable as they will work on different assignments.


According to salaryexpert.com, the median annual salary for a comedian in the United States is $61,506. At an entry level, narrators will earn around $45,101 per year. Whereas, at a more senior level narrators can earn over $76,519 per year.


Narrators can take their career to whatever level they like. Some narrators may only work part time and be happy with doing that. Others may decide to do this as a full time career. These narrators may progress, with experience and knowledge, to work on big projects.

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