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Fitness director Job Description

A fitness director is responsible for overseeing the operations of fitness facilities, this include managing purchasing orders and running a team of personal trainers.

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What's it like to be a Fitness director?

Duties and responsibilities

The main responsibility of a fitness director is to oversee the fitness facilities operations. They are responsible for things such as managing budgets, purchasing equipment, hiring personal trainers and running a team. Like all careers, the typical daily duties and responsibilities of a fitness director will vary depending on who they work for and where they work. However, fitness directors should expect to do the following:

  • Attend management meetings
  • Develop action plans to help the fitness center, and the personal trainers, to reach their goals
  • Ensure monthly revenue targets are met
  • Recruit and train new personal trainers and/or fitness instructors
  • Ensure that the facilities are kept clean, tidy and that all equipment is maintained to the highest standard
  • Make decisions on the purchasing of new equipment if it is faulty or broken


To become a fitness director, you will need to be a certified personal trainer, this means completing the relevant accredited courses.

As well as a personal trainer certification and relevant work experience, most fitness directors will also have a bachelor’s degree in a health related field. Such fields include exercise science, sports psychology, physical education or kinesiology.

Skills and relevant work experience

To get hired as a fitness director, you will most likely need four or more years experience working as a certified personal trainer and two or more years of work experience in a fitness management position. As well as a genuine passion for fitness, employers will also look for the following skills:

  • Communication skills as fitness directors will have to build trust and relationships with both the fitness center staff and paying customers
  • Leadership skills as fitness directors are responsible for overseeing a team of personal trainers and other fitness professionals
  • Physical fitness as fitness directors will have to show clients how to do movements or help with the tidying of the gym, which will involve lifting and moving weights
  • Teamwork skills are key as fitness directors will work in teams with other fitness professionals and members of the management team
  • Business minded is essential for meeting all organization and revenue goals


Fitness directors work more hours than other professions, with many finding themselves working around 50 to 60 hours per week. On top of this, fitness directors may be required to work antisocial hours, such as early mornings, evenings or weekends.


According to PayScale, the average salary for a fitness director in the United States is $47,000 per annum, with the top 10% earning over $71,000 and the bottom 10% earning less than $29,000 per annum.


Fitness directors normally progress from personal trainers. After reaching this role, fitness directors may progress to more senior management positions or they may start their own personal training or fitness business.

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