About the Job Title "Education Consultant"

Education Consultant Job Description

An education consultant is an independent consultant who assists schools, educational bodies, parents and students through a wide range of education related problems. Education consultants will need a bachelors degree and a masters degree in education.

Education Consultant Job Profiles: This is a general writeup based on our research into Education Consultant positions in the School Psychologist career area. For individual, real-life job profiles of actual people with this type of job, check out our job profiles page.

What's it like to be a Education Consultant?

Duties and responsibilities

An education consultant is an independent consultant who assists schools, educational bodies, parents and students through a wide range of education related problems. These problems might include helping parents whose child has been excluded from the local state school find an alternative school and/or helping a school improve its ranking in the national league tables. Their typical duties and responsibilities include:

  • Consulting with parents and students who are unsure which school is right for their needs
  • Providing guardianships for international students
  • Finding and developing strategies for a school to develop and improve
  • Helping school improve their ranking in the league tables
  • Organizing events and workshops for school representatives to attend
  • Developing better teaching and learning materials


As an absolute minimum, education consultants will need a bachelors degree in a related field, such as education or psychology. Ideally, education consultants will also have achieved a masters degree in education or educational psychology. This education, combined with relevant experience, will give education consultants a detailed understanding of the education system and how to help schools and parents.

Skills and relevant work experience

As well as an in depth understanding of the education system, education consultants will need:

  • Verbal communication skills as they will need to communicate with parents and a wide range of educational professionals
  • Written communication skills, as education consultants must also maintain records and files to the highest standard and make clear and concise notes
  • Consultancy skills, as education consultants are independent consultants and therefore must be able to work to let their business thrive
  • Leadership skills, as education consultants will be in charge of directing and instructing other professionals (e.g., teachers) and they must be able to do this confidently
  • Problem solving skills are essential in order to provide the most effective interventions for both the individual child and the school as a whole
  • Self-motivation, as education consultants will spend a lot of time working alone and directing their own work


Most education consultants will work full-time. They are independent consultants, so they will be in charge of their own hours. However,  they may have to work evenings or weekends to accommodate their clients.


According to the glassdoor, the average annual salary for an education consultant in the United States is $61,592 per year. At the lower end, the average annual salary was around $41,000 per year. At the higher end, education consultants can expect to earn around $90,000 per year.


It is likely that education consultants will be faced with lots of exciting job opportunities over the coming year as educational bodies will continue to see the importance of improving their services.  Education consultants can progress further by taking additional training (e.g., special degrees). This will give them the further knowledge and skills to open their own practice and employ consultants to work under them.

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