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Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Duties and responsibilities A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is responsible for preparing, reviewing and analyzing the financial reports of a company. Ultimately, they pay a vital role in a company’s financial operations and ensure compliance with the law and accuracy in accounting. Their typical duties and responsibilities include: Organizing and updating financial records as needed (both digitally and physically) Analyzing transactions and preparing reports Performing regular and detailed audits to ensure accuracy in financial documents, expenditures and investments Forecasting revenue and analyzing profit margins Overseeing ledger reconciliation and managing accounts payable/receivable Participating in the budgeting process Briefing senior managers regularly …

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Inside Sales Representative

An inside sales rep is responsible for dealing with enquires from existing customers and sign up new ones, with the goal of helping the organization they work for make more money

Circuit Designer

A circuit designer is a type of electrical engineer who is responsible for designing the electronic circuits that make up electrical systems. Like all other engineers, circuit designers will need a bachelors degree in engineering as the minimum.

Test Engineer

A test engineer is responsible for designing and implementing the tests that ensure the quality and the functionality of a product. To become one, you will need a bachelors degree as a minimum.

Design Maintenance Engineer

A design maintenance engineers is responsible for the continuous running of equipment and machinery in an industrial setting. Like most other engineering roles, they will need a bachelors degree and, ideally, a masters degree.

Development Engineer

Development engineers are responsible for designing, creating and testing new products for companies. To become one, you will need a bachelors degree and ideally, a masters degree.

Process Engineer

Process engineers are chemical engineers who help to transform raw materials into valuable everyday products. To become one, you will need a bachelors degree and, ideally, a masters degree.

Communications Specialist

A communications specialist helps businesses by managing all internal and external communication of a company, and represents the company to the outside world. A degree in a related field is essential.

Public Relations Officer (PRO)

A public relations officer (PRO) uses a wide range of media to build and sustain a good image for a company, organization or brand through planned publicity campaigns and PR activity. Ideally, they will need a bachelors degree.