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Dietary Manager

Duties and responsibilities Dietary managers work in hospitals as food specialists and oversee the management of a kitchen facility. Their primary responsibilities include managing daily food service operations, recruiting dietary staff and interacting with customers to ensure satisfaction. Their other duties and responsibilities include: Managing daily food service operations Interviewing with, training or recruiting staff Interacting with customers to ensure they are satisfied with the food provided Organizing staff working schedules Offering nutritional consultations to customers and developing client-specific dietary programs and diverse eating options Establishing a budget and working within its confines. Purchasing supplies and equipment Ensuring safe storage …

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Pediatric Dietitian

Duties and responsibilities As pediatric dietitian is a specialist dietitian whose main responsibility is to work with babies, children and young people (up to 18 years of age) and their parents to help improve diet and food related issue and to achieve optimal nutrition. Their typical duties and responsibilities include: Planning menus specific to the needs of children. These menus must be focused on implementing ways to facilitate dietary change and should incorporate balanced diets Promoting healthy eating and healthy life choices to children and their parents/carers Writing and maintaining reports on patient progress Educating other health professionals and the …

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Police patrol officers

Duties and responsibilities Police patrol Officers maintain order and protect a community by enforcing laws. They patrol an assigned area to prevent illegal activity and assure the safety of citizens. Their typical duties and responsibilities include: Monitoring their assigned area, either on foot, bicycle, car or horseback Looking out for suspicious, unauthorized or illegal activity. Conducting on-the-scene investigations Arresting persons on misdemeanor and felony charges Completing all necessary reports concerning the alleged crime they arrested a person for, the circumstances of arrest and evidence obtained Responding to reports of possible crime or emergencies Providing assistance to any motorists in need …

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Police dispatcher

Duties and responsibilities A police dispatcher typically performs various tasks to ensure a prompt response to calls for the police service. Their typical duties and responsibilities include: Handling initial calls for emergency and non-emergency situations Assessing the nature of calls and determining a proper response Logging call information, such as caller’s name, location, parties involved, nature of the call and any other pertinent details Using a two-way radio system to relay all information to police officers Determining whether other responders (e.g., firefighters or medical responders) are needed Providing additional information as requested by an officer Answering queries from public regarding …

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Advertising photographer

Duties and responsibilities An advertising photographer creates promotional images for use in marketing campaigns. Their work may end up on billboards, on product packaging, in television commercials or in magazine ads. They can work with digital photography or with film photography yet despite the type of photography used, their typical duties and responsibilities include: Using photography techniques, such as adjusting angles, changing shutter speeds, using lens filters, using light sources and equipment, to affect the shading, shadows and colors, to enhance an object’s appearance and produce compelling images Working with clients to plan, design and create the photos used in …

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Duties and responsibilities Photojournalism is a particular form of journalism (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast) that employs images in order to tell a news story. The typical responsibilities and duties of a photojournalist include: Setting up camera equipment to get the best shots Choosing the best type of film, selecting the appropriate filters and altering the lighting to achieve the desired effect Editing photographs and improving the overall quality using computer software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop Maintaining a detailed digital portfolio to demonstrate their work and skill Qualifications To become a photojournalists, …

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Sports photographer

Duties and responsibilities A sports photographer is a photographer who is responsible for taking fast action photographs of athletes at sporting events. Sports photographers can work for newspapers, magazines, websites, and photo stock agencies and their typical duties and responsibilities include: Analyzing and planning the composition of photographs, this includes planning and researching where they stand to get the best action shot Using photographic techniques and lighting equipment to ensure that they take professional-quality photographs Using photo-enhancing software, such as photoshop, to touch up photographs Maintaining a detailed digital portfolio to demonstrate their work and skill Liaising with other professionals, …

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Cardiac rehabilitation physiologist

Duties and responsibilities A cardiac physiologist, or sometimes referred to as a ‘cardiovascular technologist’, is primarily involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart disease. Their typical duties and responsibilities include: Monitoring blood pressure and heartbeat rate to decide if it is safe for a patient to undergo tests Carrying out procedures such as echocardiographs (ECG)  and cardiac catheterisation Using specialised and complex equipment, such as cardiac ultrasound scanners and intra aortic balloon pumps Carrying out exercise tolerance tests on patients, using ECG equipment to monitor heart rate while they exercise on a treadmill Selecting a suitable pacemaker …

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Weight Loss Consultant

Duties and responsibilities The main responsibility of a weight loss consultant is to advise clients on weight loss and healthy living. Their typical duties include: Consulting with clients on how to adopt healthy eating habits Demonstrating the proper use of exercise equipment Devising exercise strategies for optimum weight loss Discussing fitness goals with clients Working one-on-one or with groups to offer advice on nutrition and exercise regimes Qualifications To become a weight loss consultant you will need a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as nutrition or sports psychology. After this, all though not a necessity, you may want …

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Medical secretary

A medical secretary provide clerical and administrative support and services to medical and healthcare professionals. They are responsible for the smooth running of healthcare settings and play a crucial role in providing patient care. Due to the aging population, there is expected to be an large increase in employment of medical secretaries over the coming years, meaning that there will be lots of exciting employment opportunities in the field!