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(Male, Age 35) from Kalispell, MT

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At a Glance

Current Job

Basic data on your current job

Job Title Security Officer & Host
Salary $23,598
Other Compensation None Set
Hours/Week 40
Company Size (not answered)
Location Kalispell, MT
Years Experience 4 years

Career Ratings

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Years in Career 0
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Current job Q&A

Describe the type of organization you work for.
Feed The Flathead Community Kitchen – about 10 paid positions, and another 60+ volunteer positions, we provide hot meals, drinks, food, commodities, and a safe, Christian environment for low income and homeless individuals and families.

Describe your job role and responsibilities.
I provide on site security for all meal locations, address client concerns and issues, help seat and serve people with mobility issues, as well as do inventory, set up cafeterias for meals, help serve food, help clean up after every meal, receive shipments and stock store rooms.

Please list an additional benefits (beyond compensation) that you receive.
I get 24 paid vacation days per year.

Do you feel you are under/over or well/fairly compensated at your current position?
I feel I am well paid, and honestly, over paid for what I do, its really not that hard of work at all

Does your job entail you working with others on a daily basis? Is this something you like/dislike about your job? Please explain.
Yes I work with 3-9 other people every day, and also I interact with 30-60 clients per day. I like it just fine, and enjoy the work environment. I think the only part I do not like is when clients show up to the meals under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, as they often cause trouble of one kind or another.

Do you work collaboratively with supervisors/managers?

Do you work collaboratively with your co-workers?

Describe your work location (e.g., office, home, theatre, in the field) and what you like/dislike about working in it.
The work location rotates- we have 5 locations in this area, and we rotate depending on the day of the week and the time of the month. They are all located in Churchs, with the exception of one location, which is a catholic elementary school. I like this just fine, the locations are all central to town, easy to get to, and spacious enough for our needs. I think the only location I do not like is the catholic school, as we have had conflicts with school security and custodians over issues relating to clients wandering the building into areas they arent supposed to be.

Please rate each of the following aspects of your current job on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest/best):
Income: 4
Benefits: 7
Hours: 1
Co-Workers: 5
Supervisors: 6
Job Title: 8
Level of Responsibility: 2
The Actual Work: 3

A day in the life of…

Please describe a typical workday for you in your current job:

5am to 6am
6am to 7am
7am to 8am Arrived at 7:00 am. I helped set up for breakfast- set out salt & pepper, creamer, sugar, napkins, and silverware. Made several trips to the pantry for the cook. Greeted clients as they arrived for breakfast. Helped seat clients, and brought them beverages. Took some boxes of donuts around to each table so every client could have one with their drink before breakfast was served. Made rounds around the building and the grounds, to ensure everything was secure.
8am to 9am Served beverages to several clients. Sat with some clients and ate breakfast. Visited with a number of clients. After the meal, I helped clean up- put away salt & pepper, napkins, creamer, and sugar. Took out trash. Stocked free bread shelves in entry way. Made a final security round around the inside and outside of the building. Finished at 8:45am then went home until lunch time.
9am to 10am N/A
10am to 11am N/A
11am to 12pm Arrived at 11:30am. Set out salt & pepper, creamer, napkins, and sugar. Checked bathrooms, and did security rounds. Greeted clients as they arrived for lunch. Helped seat a woman in a wheelchair, then helped seat a man on crutches. Got beverages for several others.
12pm to 1pm Helped seat more people, and brought food to several clients. Sat with some clients, ate with them, and socialized with them. Prayed over a sick client with 3 other employees. Took out trash, then put away salt & pepper, creamer, sugar, and napkins. cleared tables, then wiped them down.
1pm to 2pm Continued cleaning cafeteria, helped cook clean kitchen. Did more security rounds, and escorted 3 clients from the property after they were reported to be drinking alcohol at the picnic area outside. restocked bread shelves, then did a final security round. Left at about 1:30pm.
2pm to 3pm 2:15pm – arrived at local food bank, where our regular commodities shipment is delivered. Coordinated with Director and Supply Chief over distribution of supplies to delivery vehicles. Helped drivers sort then load commodities in several vans.
3pm to 4pm Went with Director and Supply Chief to several meal sites to deliver food, put it in pantries, refrigerators, and deep freezers. Helped Supply Chief move several deep freezers at one location for better access. Finished stocking commodities, then went home at 4:00pm to change clothes for supper.
4pm to 5pm Arrived at dinner meal site at 4:45pm. Did first security rounds. Talked with school custodian and security officer about known local sex offenders. Gave printouts on local sex offenders to school administration, and posted copies in pantry and kitchen.
5pm to 6pm Set out salt & pepper, napkins, silverware, creamer, and sugar. Took several cases of excess yogurt and 3 boxes of bananas out of walk in and put on the ‘free table’ for the clients to take home. Did another security round, and asked 3 clients not to smoke within 50 feet of front door. Helped a man on crutches down to the cafeteria, seated him, and got him a beverage. Walked around cafeteria and socialized with a number of different clients. Also helped serve drinks to many of the clients.
6pm to 7pm Just prior to meal time, made several announcements to the cafeteria, related to security matters and requests from the school that the clients only enter and exit through the main front doors and not the back or side entrances. Reminded everyone to watch their language as we were in a school and both women and children were present. Helped lead the meal prayer, then sat with several clients and ate and socialized. Helped clean up after several clients, and took dishes to kitchen. Was alerted to a disturbance out front, so went outside and broke up a verbal altercation between 2 groups of young adults, sent one group away in one direction and the other group the other direction. Continued cleaning, wiped down tables, after putting away salt & pepper, napkins, creamer, and sugar.
7pm to 8pm helped finish sweeping cafeteria, then moped both kitchen and cafeteria. Straightened up pantry, as an elderly client had wandered in there and began to rummage through things. Made a final security round inside and outside. Checked bathrooms for cleanliness, then took out trashes. Helped put away dishes and cookware, then helped cook and director secure the pantry, kitchen, cafeteria, then the building. Went home about 7:30pm.
8pm to 9pm N/A
9pm to 10pm N/A
10pm to 11pm N/A
11pm to 12am N/A

Table of Contents

How you got your job

How did you get your current job?
I was asked to do it by the director of Feed The Flathead after meeting her, then talking at length with her when I took a neighbour to a meal site.

What was the application process?
She was in desperate need of help with security, as the sole security officer had been fired, and I was available at the time, so I was hired on the spot, less than an hour after meeting the director.

Did you have to interview for your current job? If yes, what did the interview process entail?
I did an on the spot interview standing in the kitchen, I ran down the list of my past work experience, and related skills, and told the director about myself, where I grew up, my I moved to this area, my schooling, my goals for the future. I also talked about my being a Christian, and wanting to serve the Lord. She hired me right then and there.

If you can remember, what questions were you asked during the interview?
I was asked about past security experience, past food service experience, what church I go to, have I ever worked with the homeless before, have I ever worked with people who have mental illness, physical disabilities, alcoholism, and or drug addictions, and I was asked if I was a Christian.

Do you feel your employer properly prepared you for your job? Explain.
Yes I feel she was very good at making sure I was prepared for this job. She went above and beyond to explain every aspect to me, as well as to prepare me for what I would likely go through on any given day at work.

Was there training for your current position? If yes, what did it entail?
I took both CPR and First Aid classes, and for the job sites, I had to learn where all food supplies, as well as cleaning supplies are located, as well as how we prepare and serve, as well as the cleaning sheet order, and where to stock and store shipments.

Do you feel your educational background prepared you for your job? Explain.
Well I think having previous training and experience working with the mentally ill, physically disabled, and those afflicted by alcohol or drug addictions has come in very handy. I also think being a compassionate, caring, attentive, and friendly person has helped me a great deal to fit in well to this job.

If applicable, do you feel your internship experience helped you prepare for your job?

If someone wanted to go about getting a job similar to yours, what would you recommend for him or her to do?
A background in both security and food service is a must. Also, I would say they should canvas the local charity organizations in their area, as many have paid positions (like mine) and most have very flexible hours, good pay, and decent job environments. The other must is a willingness to work with large groups of people, especially the poor and homeless, and willingness to be around people down on their luck and or afflicted with mental illness, physical disabilities, alcoholism, and or drug addiction. A love for the Lord Jesus Christ is also a must, as our organization (like most charities in this area) are Christian based.

What skills do you think a person should have if they want to pursue a position like yours?
The most important skill in this field is compassion. A love for your fellow man, and a desire to help those who cannot help themselves is a must. Strong interpersonal skills are necessary, as are a desire to serve. Also important are skills in recognizing, and handling people under the influence of alcohol and or drugs are important, as are cleaning skills, food prep and serving experience, and knowledge of the Bible and Christianity. Another very important skill in this field is patience. Without it, this job would be impossible.

Do you feel that you need a certain level of education or training to be successful in your job?
No, not at all, we regularly have teen and pre-teen age volunteers working for us.

What advice would you give to someone who was about to start work in your position/ line of work?
I would say keep a smile on your face, be patient, just relax, and realize that these people that we are caring for would be lost if not for us, as many rely solely on our meals to eat all month long, and rely on our meal sites as their sole source of socialization. They depend on us, so try to treat them with respect, compassion, and love, even if it may seem some of them do not deserve it.

Long-term career plans

Is your current employment part of your overall career plan? Why or why not?
I really have not decided this yet. I can see myself still doing this 5 years from now, but really, I would prefer a more long term career with higher pay and benefits somewhere down the road.

What are your current career goals?
To finish my college degrees and get a career in either video game or website design. These are my loves, and hobbies. I hope to finish developing the skills to begin constructing, then publishing my own online games, and make both a career and an income from it.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your career?
Until I started this job, I had no idea just how bad the economy is in this country, nor did I realize just how badly neglected the poor, mentally ill, physically disabled, and addicts are in this country. They are almost completely shut out of society in many aspects, and many have no hope for the future. They are given the barest minimums of financial support, be it through welfare, SSI, VA pension, food stamps, and or medicaid, and many are unable to pay for even the basics like rent, heat, a telephone, or medical copayments. They are highly dependant on what I do for them, as well as what my organization does for them, and it fills me with joy to be able to help feed them, befriend them, serve them, and give them a safe, loving place they can eat and socialize.

Prior work history

Please list your most recent jobs prior to this current job:

Title Length Salary Description
Prior Job 1 Activities Coordinator 2 years 18000 I assisted residents in activities such as meals, games, crafts, walks, field trips, dressing, snacks, and also supervised residents who smoked outside in the smoke shack. I also planned and ran activities of all sorts, and coordinated with volunteers who came in to do games like poker, bingo, and pinochle.
Prior Job 2 Live-in caregiver 10 years 22800 I lived with and cared for 2 clients who were both mentally ill, and one was also developmentally disabled while the other was physically disabled. I assisted them with their daily routines- dressing, baths, hygiene & grooming, activities, meals, and also accompanied them when they went places, helped them pay their bills, helped them manage their money, assisted with medications, errands, and shopping.

Educational background

Please list your educational background:

High School GPA:3.5

GPA School Degree
College (Undergraduate)
or Technical/Vocational
3 Spokane Community College Electronics Engineering
Graduate or Professional
(Masters or Doctorate)

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