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(Female, Age 31) from Pulaski, NY

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At a Glance

Current Job

Basic data on your current job

Job Title Bus Driver
Salary $27,000
Other Compensation None Set
Company Size (not answered)
Location Pulaski, NY
Years Experience 7 years

Career Ratings

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Years in Career 0
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Current job Q&A

Describe the type of organization you work for.
I work for a non profit agency that serves the people of my home county in order to help people improve their lives.

Describe your job role and responsibilities.
I have to inspect and drive a 18 passenger bus, with passengers who have a wide range of physical and developmental handicaps. I also need to conform to HIPAA regulations as well as state and federal DOT laws and regulations

Please list an additional benefits (beyond compensation) that you receive.
Medical insurance, also a retirement plan and life insurance

Do you feel you are under/over or well/fairly compensated at your current position?
under compensated, bus drivers at my company make less than the state average

Does your job entail you working with others on a daily basis? Is this something you like/dislike about your job? Please explain.
Yes, my job involves working with coworkers as well as the public. I really enjoy working with the disabled as well as senior citizens that I transport. I’m willing to take less in pay in order to do a job I feel is worthwhile and a benefit to the community. I dislike the way that many people take advantage of what we offer and are ungrateful of what we do.

Do you work collaboratively with supervisors/managers?

Do you work collaboratively with your co-workers?

Describe your work location (e.g., office, home, theatre, in the field) and what you like/dislike about working in it.
I base out of a garage that is a division of our company. This is good in that we don’t have the big bosses watching our every move but is also bad because it means that the bosses of our supervisors don’t know how things are happening at our location. If there is a problem and it does get reported to the main office then there is hell to pay when our supervisors find out and try to find who reported it.

Please rate each of the following aspects of your current job on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest/best):
Income: 2
Benefits: 4
Hours: 3
Co-Workers: 6
Supervisors: 7
Job Title: 8
Level of Responsibility: 5
The Actual Work: 1

A day in the life of…

Please describe a typical workday for you in your current job:

5am to 6am
6am to 7am
7am to 8am 6am Arrive at my bus’s base. Do pretrip inspection, checking lights, doors, windows, tires, emergency equipment & exits. Fill out pretrip inspection log, fill out consumer trip sheet, call bus garage for radio check and to get any trip changes. Depart base to my first pick ups. Follow schedule for times, assist passengers who have special needs(assistance walking, cane, walker, scooter, wheelchair).
8am to 9am Arrive at destination, discharge passengers at their worksite, assisting those with special needs. Go to bus garage in order to fuel, fill out required paperwork, get next route’s paperwork.
9am to 10am Depart bus garage in order to pick up clients. No set schedule, all I have are addresses to pick up at, assist people with special needs (assistance walking, cane, walker, scooter, wheelchair). Fill out trip sheet at first pick up for correct mileage. Drop the passengers at a single point so that they are able to do their shopping
10am to 11am Wait for clients to finish shopping. Sweep, wash windows, scrub seats, fill out paperwork while waiting. As the people finish shopping I help load their groceries or other packages onto the bus and help the people onto the bus and into their seats.
11am to 12pm Drive to next site for these clients. Drop them off again assisting people off the bus and into the site who have special needs. Go to a safer location to park and wait for the correct pickup time. Update paperwork, sweep, dust, clean once again.
12pm to 1pm Pick up the clients at their site and depart for home. Again, no set schedule just return to their homes. Assist people with special needs as well as bring their groceries or packages to their door. Fill out paperwork at last drop off for correct mileage.
1pm to 2pm Return to bus garage, post trip paperwork and inspection. Check for any new updates on schedule or passenger lists. Update schedules and wait until next run to start.
2pm to 3pm 2:30 pm Fixed departure run starting. Pre Trip inspection of bus, pre trip paperwork filled out, line up for departure with all the other buses also going to this departure point.
3pm to 4pm Arrive at departure point. Load passengers, assisting those who have special needs (assistance walking, cane, walker, scooter, wheelchair). Make sure that I have all of my clients I took in for the morning run and if any are missing find out if they are already gone or just messing around making us late. Depart when all the buses are loaded and ready. Return the people home, assisting those who have special needs.
4pm to 5pm After last drop off fill out paperwork for correct time and mileage. Return to my bus base. Do post trip inspection, fill out post trip log, call bus garage to find out if I have extra work in the morning. Sign off bus and go home.
5pm to 6pm
6pm to 7pm
7pm to 8pm
8pm to 9pm
9pm to 10pm
10pm to 11pm
11pm to 12am

Table of Contents

How you got your job

How did you get your current job?
My sister referred me to it after I got a job driving school bus. I’d already worked as a home health companion, so mixing that with driving a bus wasn’t too hard. My sister has worked with our company for 8 years

What was the application process?
I submitted a paper application.

Did you have to interview for your current job? If yes, what did the interview process entail?
I had called to say that I was interested and my sister had told me that they needed drivers. I had an individual interview with the driver supervisor and was told I was going to be hired.

If you can remember, what questions were you asked during the interview?
Have you had any accidents? Have you had any tickets? Have you ever worked with the disabled? Have you ever worked with the elderly? Do you have a CDL-B license? Do you have airbrakes included on your license? Do you have a passenger endorsement? Have you had a tubercolosis test? Have you been immunized for hepetitis C?

Do you feel your employer properly prepared you for your job? Explain.
No, training could have been a bit more complete. I was trained for 5 days, less than 3 hours a day, then put in a bus and told to drive.

Was there training for your current position? If yes, what did it entail?
I had minimal training, most of what I was trained was how to do the paperwork since I already knew how to drive a bus, read a map, read and follow schedules, obey traffic laws and how to work with people. Other people who have been hired have been trained to drive bus, work with people, handle schedules, etc.

Do you feel your educational background prepared you for your job? Explain.
I wasn’t schooled for what I did. All I was ever told in school was that if I didn’t go to college I’d end up flipping burgers my entire life.

If applicable, do you feel your internship experience helped you prepare for your job?

If someone wanted to go about getting a job similar to yours, what would you recommend for him or her to do?
To maintain a clean driving record, get appropriate training to have a CDL-B license and also realize that they would be dealing with severely handicapped people who need compassion, patience, and understanding and not pity or to be spoken to like children.

What skills do you think a person should have if they want to pursue a position like yours?
The ability to handle ever changing road and traffic conditions, with a rapidly changing schedule and also an ever changing group of passengers who have wide ranging needs and requirements to their transport and care. If you can’t handle driving in a blizzard with whiteout conditions while the 15 handicapped adults you are transporting are scared and/or having seizures, vomiting, panic attack etc you won’t be able to handle our work.

Do you feel that you need a certain level of education or training to be successful in your job?
You need an appropriate driving license but at least some time working with elderly or handicapped is a huge benefit

What advice would you give to someone who was about to start work in your position/ line of work?
Realize that they are about to start working with people who may have severe physical and/or mental handicaps while you are on your own and will be the only one to take care of a potential emergency. Not only are you responsible for driving the bus and dealing with traffic but if someone should have a seizure, stroke, diabetic attack, or other sudden medical emergency you will be the one who has to take control of that and get help as well as maintain calm and control over all the other passengers you are transporting, all of which have varying degrees of disability.

Long-term career plans

Is your current employment part of your overall career plan? Why or why not?
I guess it is, I’ve never really had any set career plan. I really love what I do and can see myself doing it until I retire either for this company or for another.

What are your current career goals?
To be the best driver that my abilities allow and to help myself, my company, and my community with what I do.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your career?
It would be even better than it is if we got paid a little more with better security in our hours. It’s a great job but can be very frustrating due to the things that happen at the bus garage.

Prior work history

Please list your most recent jobs prior to this current job:

Title Length Salary Description
Prior Job 1 bus driver 6 months 9000 bus driver, transportation of children grades K-5 in Syracuse NY to schools across the city
Prior Job 2 warehouse picker 5 years 20000 Selected products, loaded totes and labeled products to be sent to stores across the Northeast United States

Educational background

Please list your educational background:

High School GPA:not sure, I was toward the top of my class

GPA School Degree
College (Undergraduate)
or Technical/Vocational
Graduate or Professional
(Masters or Doctorate)

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