Private Flute Teacher (Female, Age 24) in New York, NY

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Job TitlePrivate Flute Teacher
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LocationNew York, NY
Years Experience5 years

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Current job Q&A

Describe the type of organization you work for.
I’m self-employed as a flute teacher; one could also think of it as being employed by many people, as each of my students pays me directly. My studio currently has 25 students. It’s also a small business, which means that I am responsible for all aspects of marketing myself and my service (flute lessons), teaching the students, and all of the administrative tasks (bookkeeping, lesson scheduling, etc.).

Describe your job role and responsibilities.
My primary duty is to educate my students about all aspects of flute playing, and to make them better musicians in addition to flutists. I am also responsible for finding students, scheduling lessons, bookkeeping, and communicating with parents in the case of younger students.

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5 weeks vacation

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Under compensated

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5am to 6am
6am to 7am
7am to 8amWarm up on the flute to prepare for my students. This includes a whole body warmup, so I also do some stretches and yoga. I also do some singing and breathwork.
8am to 9amFirst student arrives. She has an hour lesson once weekly. We go over what she worked on last week, interacting both verbally and through playing the flute together. I introduce new concepts to her, and we do some ear training
9am to 10amSecond student arrives for her hour lesson. She brings along another flutist, as they are preparing a duet. We discuss the logistics of their upcoming performance and then work on the piece itself. The other flutist leaves early and the student and I use the rest of the time to work on some solo pieces (music for flute and piano).
10am to 11amThird student arrives. This student is preparing for a competition. I sit in front of the student, simulating a jury so that she will be prepared for the experience. We discuss performance anxiety strategies. We work on her competition pieces and play a duet for fun at the end.
11am to 12pmAt this time I practice the flute for an hour on my own. Practicing is part of my work as one can only teach what one knows and can do herself.
12pm to 1pm(Personal time)
1pm to 2pm(Personal time)
2pm to 3pm(Personal time)
3pm to 4pmFourth student arrives. She has a half-hour lesson, which is more challenging because of the limited time. We end up going over the half-hour since I don’t have another student coming right after her.
4pm to 5pmI respond to all phone calls received at this time. Phone calls can be about scheduling as well as prospective students interested in learning more.
5pm to 6pmI respond to all e-mails received and update my notes on my students. This includes important milestones in their learning as well as academic, musical and personal difficulties.
6pm to 7pmToday a student is performing, so I leave my studio to go to her concert, something else that is required as a teacher (both to provide feedback later and to show support for the student).
7pm to 8pmThe concert finishes and I go home.
8pm to 9pm(Personal time)
9pm to 10pm(Personal time)
10pm to 11pm(Personal time)
11pm to 12am(Personal time)

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