Case Manager 

(Female, Age 54) from Farmington, CT

This is a REAL-LIFE job profile written by a Female aged 54 who works as a Case Manager in Farmington, CT. We have removed all names and personal information in order to protect privacy. This professional kindly spent a bit of their time to complete one of our job profile surveys so that prospective job seekers like you could read their insights. Please excuse any punctuation or grammatical errors in this profile.

At a Glance

Current Job

Basic data on your current job

Job Title Case Manager
Salary $85,000
Other Compensation None Set
Hours/Week 40
Company Size (not answered)
Location Farmington, CT
Years Experience 2.5 years

Career Ratings

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Years in Career 0
Education (not answered)
Income Rating 0 / 10
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Work-Life Rating 0 / 10
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Current job Q&A

Describe the type of organization you work for.
For profit chain of nursing homes. My particular office is 344 beds

Describe your job role and responsibilities.
making sure that we are paid at contracted rates for those patients with private insurances. Also make sure that any expensive meds,services are paid separatly.

Please list an additional benefits (beyond compensation) that you receive.
401K, Insurance with small weekly contribution for family coverage, 5 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick time.

Do you feel you are under/over or well/fairly compensated at your current position?
fairly or average compensation

Does your job entail you working with others on a daily basis? Is this something you like/dislike about your job? Please explain.
I work with clinical RN’s as well as corporate business office folks

Do you work collaboratively with supervisors/managers?

Do you work collaboratively with your co-workers?

Describe your work location (e.g., office, home, theatre, in the field) and what you like/dislike about working in it.
I work at the same location on a daily basis

Please rate each of the following aspects of your current job on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest/best):
Income: 2
Benefits: 4
Hours: 5
Co-Workers: 3
Supervisors: 7
Job Title: 8
Level of Responsibility: 6
The Actual Work: 1

Table of Contents

How you got your job

How did you get your current job?
worked for the same company for 30 years. I am the first employee in this role.

What was the application process?
I actualy lobied for this position to be created, as I saw that there was money being lost.

Did you have to interview for your current job? If yes, what did the interview process entail?
I interviewed with our overall administrator, and the corporate case manager

If you can remember, what questions were you asked during the interview?
I actually presented many examples of how having a person dedicated to this position could save the company money. I really was not asked alot about my background, as they already knew me

Do you feel your employer properly prepared you for your job? Explain.
I have received alot of support from our administration and corporate level case manager

Was there training for your current position? If yes, what did it entail?
I feel that in this position I was self taught.

Do you feel your educational background prepared you for your job? Explain.
I was adequately prepared to be a clinical nurse, and I cannot stree that excellent clinical skills are the basis for being successful in this position

If applicable, do you feel your internship experience helped you prepare for your job?
I did not have an internship

If someone wanted to go about getting a job similar to yours, what would you recommend for him or her to do?
know the financial background of the company you hope to work for. Also become familiar with insurance language such as deductible, out of pocket, co-pays and primary, seconday and tertiary policy coverage.

What skills do you think a person should have if they want to pursue a position like yours?
communication skills. I am on the phone daily with case managers on the insurance end who like are trying to make money for their respective employers. Also organized, as there are deadlines in which information MUST be presented to the insurance end. If late, days become decertified, as you lose payment for those days. You are UNABLE, based on laws to go back to the patient to try to recoup that loss.

Do you feel that you need a certain level of education or training to be successful in your job?
Excellent medical clinical skills and an understanding of rehabillitation language

What advice would you give to someone who was about to start work in your position/ line of work?
as in question # 3, get to know the company you hope to work for. Know their competition and refering agencies. There are casemanagement certification courses available as well.

Long-term career plans

Is your current employment part of your overall career plan? Why or why not?
yes, I can imagine retiring from a position such as this

What are your current career goals?
i would like to continue to grow within the job I have now. There are always new insurance, state and federal laws that change, and must be kept up on to avoid loss/illegeal billing practices

Is there anything else you would like to share about your career?
Nursing in general has been extremely rewarding to me, as I have had the ability to perform in many different capacities. For me, it seems that one role just eventually led to another.

Prior work history

Please list your most recent jobs prior to this current job:

Title Length Salary Description
Prior Job 1 RN 30+ years 80000 worked in various clinical and administrative rolls, including director of nursing
Prior Job 2 RN 1.5 years 12000 office nursing duties

Educational background

Please list your educational background:

High School GPA:

GPA School Degree
College (Undergraduate)
or Technical/Vocational
3.6 Tunxix comm. RN
Graduate or Professional
(Masters or Doctorate)