Public Relations Specialist

Are you confident speaking in front of a large crowd? Do you have excellent grammatical and literacy skills? Are you a natural born communicator? A public relations specialist has the very important job of creating and maintaining a favourable public image for the organization that they work for/represent. If you are thinking of becoming a public relations specialist a, then we recommend getting experience working in your local or school paper and then completing a bachelors degree!

Industrial – Organizational Psychologist

Industrial – organizational psychologists (sometimes I/O for short) use psychological theories and research to solve all kinds of problems in the workplace, including ones surrounding employee engagement, motivation and/or training. If you are someone who enjoys working with others and is passionate about solving workplace problems, then this fast-growing, fast-paced, diverse  may just be for you!

Travel Agent

Are you someone with a real passion for travelling, making memories and excitement? If the answer yes, then a career as a travel agent is one that offers many exciting opportunities for travel and self-employment. To become a travel agent, you only need a high school diploma. Some employers prefer travel agents with additional education. But, in general you will receive on the job training once hired!

Warehouse Manager

A career as a warehouse manager one that offers a great amount of meaning, contribution and autonomy. There are no formal educational requirements to become a warehouse manager. However, as a bare minimum, warehouse managers should have a high school diploma. They will also have the best employment and progression opportunities if they have a degree in a related field. Warehouse managers will receive on-the-job training, which teaches them the fundamentals of managing people, organizing goods distribution and the software needed.

Sales Manager

Sales managers are confident and natural born leaders. They are in charge of recruiting other sales team members, creating an overall sales plan that the team will work to accomplish, and reporting all progress to other managers within the company. Think you have what it takes to make it as a successful sales manager? Would you like to learn even more about this career path and what it entails? Take a look at the career profiles below. We have interviewed actual sales managers to help give you a better idea of what life really looks like for these individuals.

Purchasing Manager

Do you fancy a fast-paced, high flying career? With great travel opportunities and the capacity to earn lots of money? Well, look no further, as a career as a purchasing manager may right for you! Purchasing managers are responsible for leading a team of purchasing staff (e.g., agents or buyers) and they must procure the best quality goods and services, at the best price, for resale or for company use. To become a purchasing manager, you will firstly need to achieve a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as business, finance or supply management. You will then need substantial experience …

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Retail Manager

If you’re someone who is seeking responsibility and loves taking charge and leading a team, then look no further! A career as a retail manager may be just the one for you! Retail managers are responsible for leading a team of retail staff and ensuring that they are motivated to increase profits and minimize costs, all whilst meeting the needs of customers. To become a retail manager, you will need 1 to 5 years experience in the industry. Some retail management positions are available to those with only a high school diploma. However, many positions require a bachelors degree in …

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Personal Trainer

The fitness industry is a fast-paced and fast-growing industry that offers many opportunities all across the world. Personal trainers are in demand, and there is no sign of this demand slowing down, due to the current obesity crisis that the world is facing. Personal trainer’s complete an accredited course in personal training and once this is done, personal trainers have the freedom to specialize in certain areas of fitness.


If runway shows, photo shoots, and commercials are what you have in mind for your future, then a career in modeling may be for you. Modeling is a fast-paced career. It can be very glamours and offers a wide range of opportunities. Gone are the days when you could only be a model if you are thin and tall. The current climate calls for models of all sizes, shapes and ages!