Are you naturally gifted at writing? Are you looking for an independent, exciting and adventurous career? Then look no further, as a career in writing may just be for you! Writers are responsible for producing written content for advertisements, blogs, books, textbooks, magazines, movies, plays and television script. Writers don’t actually need any formal education, but having a bachelors degree in English or Journalism is often preferable. Writing is an important part of every industry, all across the world. If you love to write and have the talent, then the opportunities are endless!

School Psychologist

Are you willing to study hard for a career? Would you take board exams to become certified? Do you like working with school children and have a genuine interest in making their lives better? Are you sociable, compassionate, organized and trustworthy?  If yes, then look no further. As a school psychologist may be right for you! School psychologists design and implement interventions for a wide range of difficulties that many children may face. The demand for school psychologists is expected to increase, as they make a valuable contribution to the lives of  children. To become a school psychologist, you will …

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Speech Pathologist

Are you compassionate, empathetic and a strong communicator? Do you have a passion for helping others and improving their life? If the answers yes, then a career in speech pathology may be the one for you! A speech pathologist is someone who assesses, diagnoses, and rehabilitates speech and language disorders. They can work with people of all ages, from children who are just learning to speak, to the elderly who have experienced a stroke or other speech altering debilitations. Employment of speech pathologists is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations. To become a speech pathologists, …

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Pastry Chef (baker)

If you’re someone who has a real passion for baking sweet treats, and is assertive and attentive, you may thrive as a pastry chef! Pastry chefs are in charge of all the baking aspects of kitchens and restaurants. They can work in any setting involving pastry: from bakeries to small cafes to large restaurants. To become a pastry chef, you don’t need any postsecondary education. However, many chefs attend technical schools, culinary art schools or complete apprenticeship programs.


If runway shows, photo shoots, and commercials are what you have in mind for your future, then a career in modeling may be for you. Modeling is a fast-paced career. It can be very glamours and offers a wide range of opportunities. Gone are the days when you could only be a model if you are thin and tall. The current climate calls for models of all sizes, shapes and ages!  

Occupational Therapist

A career in occupational therapy is a career that involves passion, empathy and strong communication. Employment of occupational therapists is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations. However, occupational therapists need to achieve at least a masters degree and then pass a national examination in order to be licensed.