What’s a good entry-level IT certification for someone getting into the cybersecurity field?


There are a few excellent cybersecurity certificates that can be achieved when first entering the cybersecurity field.

CompTIA’S Network+

The CompTIA Network+ is an excellent first step to take because it is a highly recognized and regarded certificate. To receive the certificate, you must sit (and pass) an exam that tests your ability to install, maintain, troubleshoot and support a network.

After completing the CompTIA Network+, you can sit the CompTIA Security+, which requires a bit more experiences to complete.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals

This qualification is traditionally aimed at high school and college students. The certificate aims to teach you the correct knowledge of the core security principles, as well as the basics of operating systems, networks and software security.

ISACA CSC Cybersecurity Fundamentals

This is relatively new certificate designed to fill the entry-level niche. The certificate is aimed at graduates, or those seeking a career change. It covers the cybersecurity domains off: concepts, architecture principles, incident response, the security of evolving technology and the security of? networks, systems applications and data.

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