Robin S. Fleischer Counseling, LLC

710 E. Main St, Suite 130
Lexington, Kentucky

MS. Ed., Counseling Psychology, University of KY National Certified Counselor Master Career Counselor Distance Credentialed Counselor Certified Laughter Leader
Description of Services

15+ years experience as a professional counselor, career educator and higher ed professional. As a polymath (advisor-source of wide information), Robin seeks to help organizations and people think about real questions, what is important and valuable in life, and how to do a better job making these intertwined and interconnected in life, love and relationships, and careers. Robin?s back-story is quite thought-provoking; she has a wide range of accomplishments and intellectual interests and an expertise for pulling together information from many disciplines into her work, from research to personal experiences. Using an empathetic and entertaining style of leadership and humor, she encourages open interaction and participation among the members of her audience. This style of teaching and presenting allows participants to retain more of the material presented. An NCC, MCC, and a DCC, Robin?s counseling approach takes the best practices of traditional counseling, as well as some of its own unique advantages and adapts them for delivery.

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