Skill Development

Many great authors and speakers have pointed out that in the job market you get paid for value, not time. Certainly it may take time to deliver value, and indeed you may be paid on a timed schedule… but the amount correlates to value you bring to the market – for your customer, for your employer, for society overall. Thus, the way to increase your income is to increase your value. And perhaps the best way to increase your value is to increase your SKILLS. Skill development is the topic of this blog post category and in this category we’ll discuss all things related to acquiring new skills and mastering the ones you’ve already developed.

Masterclass review: is it worth it?

Materclass is a San Francisco based online learning platform designed specifically with creatives in mind. They offer unique classes, taught by the absolute best in the industry. And, they they can be accessed from anywhere in the world… So, I have decide to give masterclass a review! Masterclass targets a niche of professionals and creates content with writers, musicians, artists, chefs, and creative students and professionals in mind. Classes include acting taught by Samuel L. Jackson, writing taught by James Patterson, basketball taught by Stephen Curry, cooking taught by Gordon Ramsey and directing taught by Ron Howard. This, however, is …

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A short, but sweet, review of Udemy

If you have ever searched for online educational courses, then I am almost certain you will have stumbled across Udemy. It is one of the most popular and well-known online learning and teaching marketplaces in the world. With over 100,000 courses in over 65 different languages and 24 million students (or so they say), it certainly looks attractive on the surface… so I decided to conduct a review of Udemy. They offer courses for a wide range of subjects. However, their top categories being design, development, marketing, IT and software, personal development, business and music. As Udemy is developed with …

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Quarantine: 7 “New Career” Jobs You Can Train For in 6 to 12 weeks

As the time we spend on lock down appears to be getting longer and longer, some of us are fortunate enough and happy to be working from home in the jobs we already have. However, some of us are not that fortunate to still be in employment. Or, we’ve had some time to reflect and have realized that we actually hate our jobs. Regardless of in which position you find yourself in, this time is boring, frightening and for most of us, frustrating as we will feel lost or like our careers have ground to a halt. One hard thing …

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Quarantine: 10 Best Learning Platforms to Build Your Job Skills While in Quarantine

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 (the “coronavirus”) is going to have a lot of negative effects on many people. Not only is there the obvious one: illness, there is also the worry of collapsing economies, failing businesses and stagnated career growth. However, in our optimistic opinion, we don’t feel that this pandemic should stop you from growing yourself… and there are plenty of ways you can do this while in the comfort of your own home. Don’t just binge on Netflix all day… instead take this opportunity to improve your skillset and make yourself a more valuable member of the workforce in the …

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