“Finding a job” is not the only approach to earning an income. Many people opt to “create their own job” through self-employment. In today’s age there are many different ways to work for yourself. Some might include founding an aggressive startup and thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur. Both other paths involve contract or freelance work and can be every bit as practical and down to earth as the typical “job” route. Find out more in this category of posts on our blog.

How to Write a Successful Business Plan: 5 Top Tips

I’m guessing that as you’ve clicked on this post, you’re considering starting your own business. Perhaps lockdown has taught you what you’re passionate about. Perhaps you’ve lost your job. Or, maybe you just fancy a change. Whatever the reason, with 20% of business failing within their first year and 50% by their fifth, it is crucial to have a successful business plan to follow. The importance of a business plan Before I tell you how to write a successful business plan, it will, of course help to understand why you need one. Having a business plan is like having a …

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Starting own small business

How to Start and Run a Small Business: Carpet Cleaning Example!

Start a Successful Carpet Cleaning Business Carpet cleaning is one of the most profitable businesses today. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook , published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for carpet cleaning will rise approximately 14% through 2016. In addition to demand and an hourly rate that ranges from $75 to $150, carpet cleaning businesses are easily started and maintained According to business professionals and business research companies, carpet cleaning is recognized as one of the top 10 businesses to pursue. And let’s face the hard facts: carpets will never go out of style. Thus, this is a …

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Entrepreneurship: An Alternate Career Choice

Original Article   If you’ve recently started your own business—or if you’re thinking about it—you have a lot of company. Entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly popular career choice in today’s marketplace. While many individuals go on their own internal reasons—a passionate need to be independent, a burning desire to turn a hobby into a profession, or the love of a challenge—others have chosen the entrepreneur route in response to external situations, including layoffs, frustration with their current workplace culture, or a need for greater flexibility in their lives. Owning a business has become the twenty-first century version of the 1950s …

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