Gigs & Side Hustles

Not everything you do to earn money will be part of your bigger career goals. Sometimes you need to earn a few bucks on the side to help pay for school or supplement your income early in your career. This category of blog posts is all about helping you with a side hustle to earn extra cash and, ideally, also build your skillset for the future.

What is a 1099 contractor?

A ‘1099 contractor’, also referred to as ‘self-employed’ or an ‘independent contractor’,  is a person who works independently.  This means that they they work for themselves, and not for an employer. Usually, 1099 contractors are paid on a freelance basis. They often work through a limited company or franchise, which they own themselves. However, some 1099 contractors may work through an umbrella company. If you’re considering becoming a contractor, I have highlighted the main disadvantages and advantages which you should consider before becoming one. Enjoy! Disadvantages of being a 1099 contractor Firstly, being self-employed often leads to a lack of …

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Quarantine: Temporary Work-From-Home Gigs to Consider

The world appears to have ground to a halt with the recent COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) pandemic… However, that doesn’t mean that you, or your personal development, also has to come to a grinding halt. You can both LEARN and EARN while in quarantine. This post will talk about ways to earn income during COVID-19, whereas we have another post about learning new skills while in quarantine. Hopefully you’ve got everything you need to make it through self-isolation… enough food to feed the whole of the United States, some good Netflix series lined up and most likely enough loo roll to last …

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