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This category of blog posts will help you learn about different careers that you might not already be familiar with. We’ll focus on lists and unique opportunities. For a much more comprehensive list, check out our career guides.

Accountancy career

Top 5 Accounting Career Profiles

ACCOUNTING CAREER PROFILES Accounting and Tax Law professionals (accountants who specialize in Taxes) are essential parts of any business or corporation. Failure to comply with state and federal tax laws can lead to extensive penalties and even lead to the closure of the business. These professionals are in high demand and the schooling to become an Accountant is extensive and rigorous. Nevertheless it is a lucrative career. You can pursue a Master of Laws in Taxation online, and obtain your CPA or MBA to begin your lucrative career in accounting. Below are many professionals who can help you in your …

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Oncology nurse

Steps to becoming a Oncology Nurse

What Is an Oncology Nurse? Oncology nurses care for patients diagnosed with cancer. As a nurse in a hospital oncology ward, you will administer chemotherapy and other medicines, monitor vital signs and health status, assist in radiation treatments and update patient records. The American Cancer Society states that oncology nurses also educate patients and family members about cancer and what to expect during treatment ( Oncology Nursing Step 1: Complete a Nursing Degree Program Step 1: Earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing. The first step in becoming a pediatric oncology nurse is to earn your bachelor of science degree in …

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7 Coolest Career Paths for ESL Students

If you are thinking about getting a degree or a certificate as an ESL teacher, you probably are thinking a lot about your future career as well. While there is nothing at all wrong with becoming an ESL teacher, did you know that there are many other cool career paths for ESL students! Read on to learn what seven of them are. —- 1. Foreign Service Officer: If you are chosen to work for the US Foreign Service, you will be employed as a diplomat for the US Department of State. This is without a doubt one of the coolest, …

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MBA graduates

7 Killer Career Paths for MBA Grads of the Future

Earning your MBA is a proven way to turbo charge both your career path and your salary. Recent data indicates that earning your business degree still is a great way to increase your earnings, particularly in your first job after you get your degree. With the advent of MOOCs(Massive Open Online Classes), now even an affordable mba online search should be part of your thought process. Some business career paths, naturally, will be in more demand and command higher salaries than others. Some of the most killer career paths for future MBAs include these:   #1 IT Systems Analyst Computer …

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Healthcare careers

8 Awesome MBA Career Paths in Healthcare

As the population is aging and staying more active later in life, the healthcare field overall is booming. There is a great increase in the numbers of medical professionals and medical facilities in the field of healthcare. This also means that there is more of a demand for good business managers for those healthcare facilities and practices. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the demand for medical and health services managers will increase 22% in the next 10 years, which is faster than average. Administrative professionals work in a variety of different types of fieldThey can be …

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Stressful job

CNN: Top 15 Stressful jobs that pay badly

Original article on CNN Money #1: Social worker Median pay: $43,200 % who say their job is stressful: 72% Social workers step in when everyone else steps aside to help people and families in vulnerable situations. They provide patients with education and counseling, advise care givers and make referrals for other services. And with social workers in short supply and programs underfunded, few must juggle the work of many, while reaping little reward. Just ask Heather Griffith, a social worker who works with children in intensive foster care in Boston: “You’re getting paid $12 an hour and kids are screaming …

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Social Worker

5 Reasons to Become a School Social Worker

Looking for more information about what social workers do, how much they get paid, if they like their jobs and more?  Check out our social work career guide for a full breakdown! Careers in Social Work: School Social Worker Social work is an often thankless job, and perhaps no more so than when dealing with school-age children. Often the decisions that you have to make are in their best interest even if they would disagree. It can be emotionally draining as well as eat well into what little personal time you’ll manage to squeeze out. So why do it? Why …

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Ten most overpaid jobs in the U.S.

> Read the Original Article on Marketwatch. Almost no one in America would admit to being overpaid, but many of us take home bloated paychecks far beyond what we deserve. “Fair compensation” is a relative term, yet HR consultants and executive headhunters agree some jobs command excessive pay that can’t be explained by labor supply-and-demand imbalances. And while it’s easy to argue chief executives, lawyers and movie stars are overpaid, reality is not that cut and dried. Corporate attorneys earn $500-plus an hour and plaintiffs lawyers pocket a third of big personal-injury settlements, but local prosecutors and public defenders get …

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