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School psychologists are uniquely qualified members of school teams that support student?s ability to learn. They are so important to our educational systems as they help students to achieve academically, socially and emotionally.

School psychologist work in (yes, you guessed it) schools with children and young adults. They offer psychological evaluations and consult with teachers in regard to the students learning, behaviour and environment. They will listen to each student?s concerns about academic, emotional or social problems, help students to plan goals, promote positive behaviours and implement behavioural management techniques and learning programmes.

To become a school psychologist, you will need an undergraduate degree in education or psychology. After achieving this, most schools will expect you to have a master?s degree in psychology or school psychology. You will also need to be certified or licensed in order to practice. As well as the lengthy educational requirements, making a career as a school psychologist not the most accessible, there is also the risk of violence from difficult school children, which can cause emotional trauma. Similarly, a career as a child psychologist can also be emotionally exhausting as you will have to repress your own emotions whilst helping children to solve their emotional problems.

However, after qualifying as a school psychologist, you will most likely have a fix schedule and get summer vacations off ? which is a real winner. You will also find the job incredibly rewarding as you will be helping children overcome many issues which will allow them to lead a successful life. Finally, school psychologists get to work with different children every day, meaning no two days are the same and that the job is incredibly interesting and exciting.

So, now you know what a career in school psychology involves, how do you know it?s right for you? Well, are you willing to study hard for this career and take board exams to become certified? Do you like working with school children and have a genuine interest in making their lives better?? Are you sociable, compassionate, organized and trustworthy? ? Then look no further, as a child psychologist may be right for you!

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