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Roofers specialize in all things related to the rooves of buildings, this includes the placement, removal and repair of various roofing materials.


As the population of the world is constantly growing, there will always be a need for more buildings and all building have roofs (yes, really!). Roofers contribute to this by transporting and loading/unloading roofing materials, laying new roofing materials, inspecting roofs for damage, clean roofs, installing solar panels and installing insulation materials under roofs.

As a roofer, you can either work for a company, for an agency or you can eventually progress to owning your own business. As a minimum, roofers need to have achieved a high school diploma. After this, they will work to achieve various certificates in construction safety and will increase their experience and knowledge.

A career in roofing is open to those who are physically fit and are willing to work in all different sorts of weather climates. The only real negative of working as a roofer is that it can be a hazardous career as roofs are often high up and roofers use various hand and power tools, which can cause serious damage! However, health and safety regulations mean that there are many guidelines surrounding safe work, so the risk of serious injury is pretty small.

Most roofers love their job as they get to spend most of their working lives outside and get to conduct practical and hands-on work. The working environment in the roofing trade is often very supportive and cohesive, making it an attractive career to many. Furthermore, roofing is a relatively career to get in to and once you have your foot in the door, it is easy to continuously develop your skill set and to progress further.

So, if you are physically fit, enjoy working outside, have excellent hand eye coordination, pay attention to detail and are self-motived, then a challenging and adventurous career in roofing may leave you feeling very fulfilled and satisfied!



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