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32402 Developmental Reading Teacher Female 27 $33,200 Mishawaka, IN 01/01/2010


Reading specialists share responsibilities with teachers for assessing students? reading abilities, identifying deficiencies and creating reading intervention plans to help them. Their work is so important because they help those who are struggling to learn and progress, which leads to them achieving more and having more opportunities.

Reading specialists tend to work in schools or special education centres. Their work typically involves extending classroom teaching and work to implement quality reading programs that are research-based to all students who need them. They use their specialized knowledge to assess students and develop, implement and evaluate the literacy programs put in place. Importantly, they will also work closely with the students? parents to ensure that their reading needs are met.

To become a reading specialist, you will have to achieve a bachelor?s degree in education, reading, literacy or a related subject. Reading specialists will then complete a student teaching internship and take the state?s test for prospective teachers. After this, reading specialists can apply for a teaching license and being to work.

When considering a career as a reading specialist, it is important to remember that it can be quite hard to find jobs as a reading specialist as most schools only employ one, meaning there is lots of competition. Reading specialists can also have a difficult work schedule as they will typically have to work with lots of different teachers, which can mean an erratic and busy schedule.

However, a career as a teaching specialist provides the opportunity for continuous learning and the ability to become an expert, with many going on to achieve master?s degrees and taking additional state tests. Reading specialists also get to work with lots of different teachers each day, in supportive and cohesive environment. Finally, they get to see the progression of the students they work with, which is incredibly rewarding.

Those who are patient, empathetic and compassionate with thrive as reading specialists. On top of these qualities, it is essential that you have excellent reading and literacy skills yourself and are passionate about these so that they can be projected onto students.


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