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IDJob TitleGenderAgeEarningsCity & StateDate
32920Fighter PilotMale30 $74,988Wichita Falls, TX01/01/2010
32657PilotMale33 $90,000Gilbert, NY01/01/2010


An aircraft pilot has the very important job of flying an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. Note, only read on if you?re not afraid of flying or heights!

Pilots can work for large commercial airlines, small private businesses or as part of the department of defence. The daily duties and responsibilities of a pilot depend on where, and who, they work for. However, they will typically need to perform both pre and post flight aircraft inspections, select safe and efficient flight routes, determining when and how risks may occur and ensure safety and comfort of everyone on board the flight.

To become a pilot, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent and a commercial pilots license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Pilots also usually need a bachelor?s degree and must have the FAA-issued Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.

Being a pilot can be a very stressful job as you will responsible? for the lives of a lot of individuals. There is also the constant threat of losing you career in an instant due to unforeseen medical reasons.

However, despite this, being a career is a highly reputable career that means you get paid (and the salary is normally pretty good) to fly and to travel the world. No two days are the same when working as a pilot, you tend to get to work as part of a close and support team and as the aviation industry is constantly growing and adapting, the learning never stops.

To be a good pilot you need to show excellent communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills. You must also be adaptable, be able to remain calm under pressure, be able to think quickly, make decisions quickly and you must have situational awareness. On top of this, you cannot be afraid of heights. So, if you have all these skills and fancy travelling the world in a fast-paced and exciting career, then look no further?

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