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The early years of a human being are the most critical. Exposure to germs, viruses, and bacteria may lead to sickness and affect a child?s health and impact development. Health during childhood makes for a sustainable life in the later years. No other professional can understand a child?s health than a pediatrician.

Pediatricians are physicians that provide medical attention to children from birth until young adulthood. They specialize in treating illnesses and injuries that are common to younger patients such as growth and development, and infectious diseases, to name a few. They stay updated on new information relating to children?s health including those of developmental, physical, and mental health.

As with other physicians, pediatricians need a bachelor?s degree and a further 4 years of medical school education plus 3 years of residency. They must also pass a licensure examination before being able to practice. Pediatricians have the option to pursue different pediatric specializations and be board certified.

An upside to working as a pediatrician is being able to help children?be it in treating them for illnesses and injuries, or for educating them in developing good healthcare habits. As most parents prefer one pediatrician for their children through the years, pediatricians are also able to create relationships not only with the children but with their families as well. However, as with most other physicians, pediatricians must also deal with watching their sick young patients suffer in pain and/or die.

For someone who deals with children, a good pediatrician is, first and foremost, good with children and can empathize with them. Listening, observation skills and perceptiveness are also key to becoming a good pediatrician. If you love dealing with children and the above qualities fit you, then this career might just be right for you!

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