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IDJob TitleGenderAgeEarningsCity & StateDate
33732Pastry ChefFemale24 $18,000lake oswego, OR01/01/2010
33420Pastry And Prep ChefFemale35 $35,000Philadelphia, PA01/01/2010
32869R&D Bakery Lab TechnicianFemale24 $32,000Anaheim, CA01/01/2010


If you enjoy making fancy sweet treats or breads, then you might find yourself very will suited to a career as a pastry chef, who are those who are in charge of all the baking aspects of kitchens and restaurants.

Pastry chefs can work in any setting involving pastry ? from small cafes to large restaurants. Their responsibilities will vary slightly depending on their experience and who they work for. However, as a pastry chef you can expect to prepare a wide variety of goods such as cakes and pies, create new and exciting desserts to renew menus and entice more customers and to be decorating pastries using different toppings.

To become a pastry chef, there are no official educational requirements. Most pastry chefs start in other positions in the kitchen, such as a pot washer or general chef, and then learn the skills they need on the job to move up. However, there is the option to go to a community college or trade school to learn the skills needed to become a pastry chef.

Although a career as a pastry chef is pretty accessible to all, once you are in the profession, you can work long and sometimes unsociable hours. Kitchens can also be fast-paced and busy, which can mean that being a pastry chef can be stressful and challenging.

However, despite a few negatives, being a pastry chef offers many career opportunities, flexibility and adventure ? you can travel far and wide, work in many settings and progress to different levels and specializations. There is also an ever increasing demand for skilled pastry chefs, which provides a sense of job security.

To be a pastry chef, you will need to be creative, as you will often be in charge of creating new and innovative desserts and breads. You will also need to demonstrate leadership skills and time management skills, as kitchens can get busy very quickly. Excellent hand-eye coordination to create small masterpieces and a strong sense of taste and smell to make sure you are bringing delicious treats to customers are also advantageous. So, if you love food and are looking for an accessible career with lots of opportunities, then look no further.

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