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A nutritionist cares for customers and clients by offering personalised nutritional advice and guidance. This guidance is based on scientific findings and is crucial to improve the health, well-being and lifestyle of individuals.

Nutritionists typically work to evaluate a client?s nutritional needs and draw up unique and tailored meal plans to meet these. They will also have to evaluate the effectiveness of these plans and revise them if necessary. Nutritionists have the opportunity to work in both the private and public sector in fields such as: education and research, food retailers and manufacturers, local authorities, the media, overseas aid or sport organisations.

To come a qualified nutritionist, you will need to achieve a degree in Nutritional Science, or another relevant field, along with all the relevant licensing requirements.

When working as a nutritionist, you will be exposed to illness and disease, which can be emotionally draining. Nutritionists will also be sometimes faced with difficult clients, such as those who are not seeking help because they want to, but because they have to, which means this sort of work may be challenging.

However, nutritionists have access to the latest information on nutrition and can use this to really improve the quality of the lives of many people, which makes it very rewarding career. There is also often the opportunity to progress into research, which leads to continuous skill development. Nutritionists also gain lots of skills which they can use in their own personal life, so that they can live a healthy, satisfied and happy life.

To be a successful nutritionist, you will need to have strong verbal and written communication, excellent time management, coaching skills, be self-motived and be able to think critically. On top of this, you will need to have a genuine interest in the science behind food and how this can help people to improve their lifestyle.

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