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33017 Sr Mortgage Processor Female 47 $35,000 MARION, OH 01/01/2010


Mortgage loan officers work with those who wish to borrow money for a house and evaluate, approve of reject their loan application ? this is important to stop people taking out mortgages that they cannot afford.

Depending on where mortgage loan officers work, their typical daily duties and responsibilities will differ. However, as a mortgage loan officer you can expect to analyze complex financial data, resolve problems throughout application processes and build positive relationships with clients.

To become a mortgage loan officer, you will need a bachelor?s degree in finance, or another mathematical and business-related degree. You will then need to obtain a license as a mortgage loan originator (MLO), which typically requires candidates to complete a minimum of 20 hours of education. Additional training will then take place on the job.

After completing the education required to become a loan officer, you will often have to work long hours, which can be draining. You will also have to reject mortgage applications, which can be tough as you are denying people of the chance to own their own property. ?However, a career as a mortgage loan officer is relatively easy to get into after you have achieved your degree and on the job training is provided, leading to lots of career opportunities and advancement. You will also get to make many people?s dreams come true and you get to work in small and supportive teams where they create valuable relationships between co-workers in a friendly and non-competitive environment.

If you are someone who has strong interpersonal communication skills, is accurate, analytical and likes to make tough decisions then you might have just stumbled across the right career for you. What is more, is if you like to work with both people and numbers, then we feel that you will love a career as a mortgage loan officer!


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