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ID Job Title Gender Age Earnings City & State Date
33703 Teacher Female 31 $62,000 Westford, MA 01/01/2010
33590 Kindergarten Teacher Female 27 $60,000 Ellicott City, MD 01/01/2010
33448 Teacher Female 24 $45,000 bolivar, OH 01/01/2010


Kindergarten teachers have the lovely and fulfilling? job of working with young (and normally very cute) children. They are responsible for teaching these young children the basic skills that prepare them for elementary school.

Kindergarten teachers teach children between the ages of four to five years old. The main duties and responsibilities of a kindergarten teacher are in abundance, but just to highlight a few: planning a programme to helps each student achieve the learning objectives, preparing lesson materials, selecting and using instructional methods and materials, adapting teaching methods to meet individual student?s needs, developing and implementing a suitable classroom management system, enforcing school rules and instructing children on self-care.

To become a kindergarten teacher, you will need to achieve a bachelor?s degree in elementary education or equivalent. You will also need certification or license as required by your state and some experience with working with children.

When working as a kindergarten teacher, you will be faced with many difficult and challenging children who do not want to follow your rules; this can be stressful and emotional draining. Similarly, you will stumble across a fair few challenging parents who are equally as difficult as their children and don?t always agree with what you think is best. There is also a lot of work involved in the preparation of classroom resource and materials and the marking of the children?s work, which can eat into your free time.

However, kindergarten teachers get long summer vocations, which compensates for all the extra hours they put. Kindergarten teachers also get to connect with other teachers and staff in a supportive and cohesive environment. Most importantly, being a kindergarten teacher is an incredibly rewarding career you bond with students, gain their trust and make a real difference to their lives.

To be a successful kindergarten teacher, you will show excellent communication skills. You should also show patience, tolerance and be non-judgemental. Good kindergarten teachers also show a genuine energy and enthusiasm for learning and education and use this to motivate and inspire others.

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