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Below is a list of links to anonymous job profiles of REAL PEOPLE who have filled out our survey and offered to share their insights with our users about their job in the Insurance Agent field.
ID Job Title Gender Age Earnings City & State Date
33982 Independent Broker Female 23 $40,000 West Chester, PA 01/01/2010
33959 Tax Preparer, Insurance Agent, Business Owner Male 30 $50,000 Snellville, GA 01/01/2010
33778 Insurance Sales Representative Male 35 $25,000 Holland, MI 01/01/2010
33639 Licensed Sales Producer Female 36 $35,000 Sequim, WA 01/01/2010
33491 Financial Consultant Male 51 $87,000 new york, NY 01/01/2010


At present, ensuring financial security for oneself, property, and business against risks such as death, accident, medical emergency, and other catastrophes, is tantamount to securing one?s life. How does one know about the different types of insurance policies? And how does one determine which of these to choose? This aspect of getting the right information on insurance policies falls on the hands of an insurance sales agent.

An insurance sales agent sells one or more types of insurance such as property and casualty, fire, health, and long-term care insurance. They may work exclusively for one insurance company or for an insurance brokerage thereby giving them more access to different types of insurance policies. An insurance sales agent educates and helps the client understand the different insurance policies down to the minutest details and advises which of these policies best suits the needs of the client.

Traveling to meet clients and coming to the office to process paperwork is typical in a day of an insurance sales agent. As this is a sales job, most of these agents are compensated by commission, but it could also depend on the employer.

A high school diploma is usually required of agents and training is provided on the job. They would also need to take a licensure examination, one for life insurance and another for non-life insurance, for them to be able to start selling.

A good insurance sales agent knows how to seek out new prospective clients actively and wisely, and be able to present, recommend, and persuade clients to avail the best policy that best suits their needs. If you think you are the kind of person that could sell a pen to anybody, then this career might suit you!

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